The best way to kill time is to work it to death. -author unknown

Here is what I am doing. If anyone has romantic visions of designing patterns here is what you will spend a lot of time doing. Do you see a quilt? Do you see a sewing machine? See the pretty fabbies……NOPE. Well I’m on the downhill side of the writing process which feels really good. Then there is photography, printing…etc etc. I LOVE IT ALL…but I would love to be sewing today.

I went and got some more flowers to plant and I really need to get outside and stick them in the ground. I will probably be out there at mid night because of the above mentioned activities.

My youngest daughter call this morning from college (she is finishing her first semester of nursing school). She was so excited to have won a big award for her sorority. The Jan Jenkins memorial award for the most ‘Spirited Sister”. You would have to know her to appreciate this. She is the most laid back, casual girl….an athlete at heart (soccer and golf BIG TIME). That she has taken on sorority life and leadership within the group is amazing! They do good things for the community (contrary to the stereotypes) and are forming life long bonds within their sisterhood. HEY….QUILTING sisterhood could be in her future RIGHT?

Today is my Son in Law’s birthday and his wonderful wife (ok I’m a fan no doubt) birthday tomorrow. They are turning 26 and are exactly 14 hours apart in age. How fun is that? The sweetest couple ever. Emily is coming home this weekend (oh dear…shopping will be involved in that I’m sure!). Russ will be moving to join Emily in Asheville at the end of May so the newly weds will not have too much longer to be separated! I love them both so much. And between you and me…I’m gonna have some beautiful grandchildren one day. tee hee….no pressure (sure hope they aren’t reading this!).

Back to the writing peeps…Sew something for me today.