A day patched with quilting seldom unravels.

Enough has been said about how busy life is before Quilt Market. However, why is it that when we are overly busy we seem to be overly sidetracked! Do you ever feel that way? It seems like when deadlines are looming interruptions and distractions abound! Then there is the procrastination…well we won’t go too far down THAT road now will we? Oh well, so here I am blogging, not good, not good.

I got the best news last night! The church where we have our monthly meetings Highlands Presbyterian Church in Grayson will be available for our club to use for our SUMMER STITCH IN. This is an event we have come to LOVE AND LIVE for every year (actually twice per year summer and winter). We sew every day for a week from 9 am until 9 pm. Prizes, games, laughing…oh and there is the food! Sewing projects getting more projects to the finish line you can’t imagine. I keep a total on finished projects and it usually amounts to 75 +. I also keep a total of bobbins used and then there are the people who get their names on the board….well we won’t go there either. teehee. I’m going to plan some extra special surprizes for the group this year since we are in a new home. Many thanks to Highlands Presbyterain for helping us with this much loved event!!!!
Oh, by the way….we have people who have come from Wisconsin and California for this event so if you want to join us…….Get in touch QUICK because seats fill up FAST FAST FAST….

I wanted to show you a few more photos of our Thimbles weekend. Quilts are what we love to see so here are a few and then…I’m off to work! teehee quilting is my work! I feel so much better now.