Friends are like fabric you can never have enough!

Busy doesn’t even describe what it is like to get ready for Market. I have not even had enough time to post! Heck I even grab a cracker and go back to work instead of sitting down to eat a meal. Why is it always like this? The only consolation is if you read other designers they are all feeling the same pressure. Whine Whine Whine I know … the reality is MY JOB IS A BLAST. SO MUCH FUN. ok. I feel better now.

I’m off to Silver Thimble Club this morning. We will meet with the day class 9-3 and the night class 6-11pm and then again tomorrow 10-3. So the above quote is appropriate for the weekend. I will take my camera and snap some photos of of the gang and their projects. After Thimbles it is back to work Saturday afternoon and Sunday!

Sorry no photos…I’m on the run. I promise I’ll do better.

72 degrees in Atlanta….yipeeeeeee Capri’s today.