I bring to my own life a certain amount of mess. -Kitty O‘Neil Collins

And that quote is the truth when it comes to my studio the past few days. I have managed to get into hyper overdrive with MARKET looming. I usually stick to a project and finish…but no, no, no, not the last few days I have started at least 20 different things and nothing is completed. Finished 1 project (well sort of …needs binding). Made two charity quilts no backs made or binding I always make my binding at the completion of the quilt. Started making a new banner for my booth. It’s going to be soooo cute when finished! Started the writing process on two new designs (ouch…brain work for sure don’t want to spend too much time at that!). Worked on updates for my web site. Decided to bake cookies and try a new pork chop recipe. Hem a pair of pants, give myself a facial. Soak in the hot tub (I was cold). Started reading a new book, sent in my votes for American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and and American Academy of Country Music awards (now who would watch these shows and NOT vote it’s just not right Right?)……..SOMEBODY COME GET ME….I’M IN SERIOUS TROUBLE HERE. In short I have so darn many things going on I think they are going to come get me and put me in the NUT HOUSE.

OK so at 4:30 and I threw the tape measure on the floor and decided to indulge this ADD madness and start another project…”Hey I’ll go update my blog.” Here are a few of the pictures of the madness. I REALLY HAVE TO GET A GRIP. Off to go give Sophie a bath!