If Barbie is so popular why do I have to buy her friends?
-author unknown

I spent 5 COUNT THEM 5…HOURS yesterday putting borders on a new design. This process when done properly might have taken me two hours. OH NO it took 5. That just tells you I’m still not up to speed. The good thing is I love the new pattern. Here is a silly picture of the the leftovers from sewing. Well ! you can tell that I used 30’s fabbies…but all my designs are not intended to be “line specific” I’m thinking of making the same quilt in patriotic colors. You know the drill gotta keep things under wraps until Spring Market. OOOOHHHH I hate secrets!!

Today it is back upstairs for more design work. YIPPEEE I love the process. The writing process is a different matter! I like to write and do the graphics but the proofing and tweeking is not so much fun. The best part is hearing and seeing other people enjoying the finished patterns and making them “their own.”

Andy is going out of town on a golf weekend. I’m going to take the time to work work work on Silver Thimble Goodies. I miss him so much when he is gone but I also enjoy the time to sew my brains out. I’ve got some movies and my books “a la ipod” so you don’t have to worry about me. So it’s cereal and not much cooking this weekend! OK I can handle that.