Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.
-Danny Kaye

Well I’ve been throwing as much paint around as possible….so here goes the story of (drumroll please………) PAT AND MELISA’S SECOND MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURE.
First I must acknowledge that I had NO BUSINESS getting in the car for yet another road trip. I’m so sorry…but I am weak. Last night there I was again riding shot gun with BAD MELISA herself! Where were we going you ask? To Cartersville about an hour (or so) outside of Altanta to hear Eleanor Burn’s sister, Patricia (lovely name don’t cha think?) speak at the Etowah Valley Quilt Guild. I have lectured at this guild twice and will be returning in the fall to do a workshop…They are a wonderful friendly group of quilters!

Patricia is the spirit and image of her sister….same voice, mannerisms etc. So charming! She showed some lovely quilts and talked about Eleanor’s new book “Night and Day” which she is rolling out as we speak in Paducah. The picture here on the blog of the Night and Day quilt is the one underneath the one on the quilt rack. It is made with a triangle ruler which is included in the book. They really know how to come up with stuff at Quilt in A Day. Don’t you agree?? The lecture was long as they put aside all guild business to give her the extra time. I don’t sit so well for long periods of time without getting all squirmy. I admit I tend to misbehave if asked to sit and be quiet for an extended periods of time. Melisa had to keep a cork in my mouth because I was cracking jokes. I’m so sorry for that too…well kinda.

Here is the scoop, we tend to have things happen when out there on the road. I told Melisa I would NEVER get on a plane with her because the plane would for sure GO DOWN….This brought back reminiscences of our MOST EXCELLENT trip to Houston where I backed the rental Suburban into a ….. well lets just say I did $800 worth of damage to the rental vehicle and the person I hit was of questionable character so he ran for his life afraid we were going to call the police! (I’m thinking possibly illegal alien.) Melisa and I decided we should write a book about our adventures.

This trip began with the realization that I had left my glasses and sunglasses at home so I was going to have to walk around like Mr. Magoo looking at stuff. Then there was the weather HAIL and some kind of EXTREME LIGHTENING.. We ate dinner at Chili’s, got chips and salsa by the time they brought our meal…….I DIDN’T eat a bite! I was stuffed. I’m warming it up right now for my lunch! I’m not sorry about that…yum.

I have included some of the best sights we saw on our adventure…some quilting…some…. well you be the judge. Please note the picture of Melisa..I was trying to capture her in a lovely pose for my blog similarly to the way she posted the lovely picture of me on her blog. This is what I got. Also, the dog is Melisa’s grand dog BO or Rob…or Rufus..or Reb or Jeb (I can’t really remember his name.) I figured this unflattering pose makes up for what Melisa did to me. Nobody wants to have their family ridiculed on the Internet…. GAME, SET, MATCH……i win.

I think the best way do describe the trip is that we had more fun going and coming home. I laughed so much and enjoyed the evening that I didn’t cry too much when the committee that lives in my head woke me up at 4 a.m. and reminded me that I needed to get my fannie out of bed and make up for the hours of work I SHOULD have been doing. I’m still not soooo sorry. I wonder what kind of adventures we will have in Pittsburgh. hmmmmm. Did I ever tell you about the time I got on the plane to go to Spring Market in Portland and just before I got on the plane I realized I had left my suitcase with ALL MY CLOTHES in it behind! (I was more worried about the suitcase with the quilts than my personal charming good looks.) It’s always an ADVENTURE !