Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.
-Sir Wilfred Grenfell

I have managed to go from zero to 100 miles an hour in one week. Now this is a good thing and a bad thing. First of all I’m feeling normal again. Second (the bad part) the stamina she just is not completely there but I’m workin on it.

I had the “funnest” day on Friday. Melisa asked me to go on a road trip to a quilt show in Tifton Georgia (a mere 3 hour drive). Heck yeah I was so excited to have a road trip and what could be better than riding shot gun with my friend. I took my hand quilting and was happy to be out of the house on a spring day. We never stopped talking! I swear I lost oxygen to my brain we laughed and joked the whole way. Read Melisa’s blog she took better pictures than me…except the last one which I’m going to punch her for. It is truly the worst picture I have ever seen. Somebody needs to call TLC and get me on “What NOT to Wear! “ I walked around with my hands in my pockets holding up my pants which were too big. Apparently narcotic pain relief brings on a bit (not enough) of weight loss. I’m so mad at her for this picture you are not even getting a link to her blog… Here is a good picture of Melisa laughing at me…

Here is a photo of my choice for viewers choice. Melisa said “Of course you would pick the Dick and Jane quilt you are such a first grade teacher” yup she is right yes she is!!! The quilt was very well done. The show was good a first effort for the local guild. There were some very nice quilts and I especially loved the display of antique quilts and sewing items. I will post some more pics tomorrow. Melisa took better pictures but as I said above…no link…

We went to an antique mall…couldn’t find too many antiques…close your eyes and ears and picture the conversation about THAT when we got back in the car. The funny thing is we each bought a little something….go figure.

Tomorrow…updates on the wonderful Easter weekend enjoying the smiles of my girls..(they wore me out ).I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend! Spring is here and the city of Atlanta is in full bloom…WOW.