– quote by me

It is not very smart of me to say that I would draw the winning number at 6 pm on ANY GIVEN NIGHT. Why? Well you know who eats PROMPTLY at 6 Osama Bin doggie (Sophie) . She starts standing right in front of me at 5:45…and at 6 all hell breaks loose.. I mean she woofs (ever so gently) paces, puts her paw on my leg. LIKE CLOCK WORK. How do dogs do that???? So..Osama Bin Doggie was fed at 6, and the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR (now that is totally cool people…gotta love google!!) has chosen a winner…….drumroll please (my heart is beating so fast…I may have wet my pants)


…..come on down BABY YOU ARE the first ever winner of the most funnest give a way I ever did…I had so much fun I’m doing it I’m going to have another one. I’m going to give stuff away like crazy! Quilt boy is dancing around the house… He wants to pick the next winner. (that would mean he would have to get off the golf course by 6 right???) I’m going to make a career out of this…I’m going to give Osama Bin doggie away…well maybe not.

In all seriousness THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who posted for my give away.. Your readership of my blog, emails and kind words have been a joy to me. QUILT HUGS TO ALL!

I’m going on a sewing retreat with Brenda and Becky to the mountains for a couple of days. So I will not be a postin..but I will be a shoppin’ and a findin’ some goodies for my next give a way. I swear I’m easily entertained!

Don’t worry about me I’ll be sewing my brains out in a cabin in Blue Ridge….(I think laughing and eating will be involved as well.)

Later friends! isn’t that Happy Cottage Quilter lucky? Lets all congratulate her.