“August is really close to September”
-Debbie F. said yesterday at Crows Sewing group

My quote today is proof positive that you better watch what you say cuz you may find yourself quoted on the Internet.

I need to take a moment to thank everyone who is responding to my give -a-way. I’m sure that I am making new friends in the quilting universe everyday. It means so much to me to have people respond and say they are enjoying my blog. WOW. I wish that someday I will meet everyone in person. Now wouldn’t that be totally cool! A very special thanks to Pat in DE. she is one of the people I have gotten to know over the past few months through our blogs. She is a very kind, a prolific blogger and can crank out some great projects…go visit her blog soon if you haven’t already.

During our monthly “Crows” sewing group my friend Jean showed a quilt that members of her guild made for their out going president. It was my Peace in the Valley pattern made with a country French feeling it gorgeous blues and yellows. Man did this quilt sparkle. I loved it and I am honored that she chose this pattern after I had spoken at the guild and did a workshop for them… WOW my heart was beating so fast. It was a wonderful moment for me personally. Thanks Jean (I heart her) and the Bulloch Hall Guild members!

I finished this little red work. I worked on this in the car on the way to Pittsburgh and home. I have not washed and ironed it yet. Sorry if the picture is crummy. I already uploaded it and it doesn’t look to great. oops I’ll take another picture when I finish the project completely, I think I may mount this onto a quilted notebook or sumthin like that.

I love to do handwork and actually I behave much better in a group if I keep myself occupied with sewing. I hope I wasn’t THAT child that was coloring when my teachers were talking. Well, I’m sure I was in Algebra…oh my! I should have paid closer attention.(I was in the back horsing around with the boys.)

I’m headed upstairs to work on a magazine submission….and play in my sewing room. I may never return!

Later my friends!