By the time you have “made it” you have “had it! -author unknown

Many thanks to those responding to my first give a way…This is so much fun I’m going to plan more! Keep those blogs humming I can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is. Smooches to everyone.

I live in the metro Atlanta area and one of my favorite places to buy fresh produce is right here. Makes ya feel like you live in the country! These people have been in business for a generation and have good veggies and boiled peanuts which is a favorite of Quilt boy. I bought some great tomatoes and corn and VIDALIA onions. I’m so sorry many of you will never experience a vidalia onion. They are grown here in Georgia and are the sweetest…yumm yumm onions. So baby today I’m makin fresh SALSA. I will add the recipe later today with some photos of the fresh salsa process. Come on now friends its not always all about the quilting right? We eat this stuff like crazy. Can’t eat the bottled stuff when you have the good stuff in the fridge no sireee! Wait till you hear the rest of the menu. You are gonna want to come to my house for the weekend!

I am going to rearrange the furniture in my sewing studio. I’m not sure why other than I want my machine in a different location. THIS SPELLS TROUBLE.. Have you ever decided to clean out a drawer and ended up making a mess in three other rooms??? YOU KNOW what I’m talkin about !! I told Mary Beth I needed her help moving furniture this weekend and the blood drained from her face!

I have a large room and super large closet. This room was actually intended to be a Media room in the builders plans. NOPE not here..It is the home of the Silver Thimble Quilt Co. I love the room but don’t like where my sewing machine is and I need a desk area where I can write and design, with a computer/lap top hooked up…I’ll take some pictures and post this weekend. I would also like to purchase some other tables, but I don’t think I will be doing that right now. I want to make a great space really great. I would love to have the HGTV decorators visit but with my luck the WHAT NOT TO WEAR team would show up! I think I may be spinning my wheels. Or perhaps driving myself and family crazy (nothing out of the ordinary!).