Grace was in all her steps. Heaven in her eyes.
-John Milton

Yes that IS true of both my girls…and true of my mother. I love my girls and soooo much and I hope they know and feel it everyday of their lives.

I miss my mother today! My mother was the epitome of southern grace and charm. Scarlet O’Hara in her determination and when she walked into the room….OH MY…she was like an all consuming wave. Someone once said of my mother that when she was present every other woman ceased to exist . SHE WAS GOREGEOUS. Her nickname was hurricane Betty… I laugh when I think of it to this day. I curse ovarian cancer that took her away from me and my girls. Died too young at 59!

If my mother we alive today she would burst with pride (as I do) at the beautiful young women her grandaughters have turned out to be! She would have spoiled them to pieces and taught them so much.

Happy MOTHERS DAY dear blogging friends!