May all your ups and downs be with a needle and thread.
-author unknown

Well we are 99% ready for market. The boxes are packed. The patterns, fliers, handouts for schoohouse etc are packed. The booth decor is packed. The snacks are packed (of course). Today it is wardrobe and pedicure day. Did I mention the time I went to Spring Market in Salt Lake and realized just as we got out of the car at the airport that I did not have my suitcase with my CLOTHES!!!! Delta and quilt boy got them on the next plane! Something always happens just prior to market departure…remember the cell phone in the middle of the road incident?

Quilt Boy is my traveling companion this trip. I usually take a friend and this time I’m taking my best friend! We want to travel together in my business related travels so here we go. He goes with me on my guild talks and workshops and is soooo much help (I bring over 50 quilts everywhere I go). This time he is going to market! Well this should be interesting. He is my best friend and soul mate, we are both looking forward to this week very much!

Andy has always supported me in unbelievable ways He handles all the shipping/receiving and accounting for me so I can concentrate on quilting. I am blessed beyond measure for this man…(wait till he sees the little apron he will be wearing in the booth….) Again this is a dream for BOTH of us, so Silver Thimble Quilt Co. really is OUR little joint dream. By the way he has NO clue what a half square triangle is…and wait till he sets up the booth and I start taking stuff down and making him rearrange EVERYTHING. The adventures of Silver Thimble and Quilt Boy begin tomorrow.

I made these little tea towels to teach a beginning applique’ class at Patchwork Cottage. I designed them with beginners in mind so I could show them basic elements of machine applique’. These have all the basics rolled into one and won’t be such a daunting project for a newbie. I love teaching brand new quilters….

I will be blogging from Pittsburgh..I hope. Bringing you photos and the inside scoop on QUILT BOY goes to market.

Here we go!!!! BIG SMILES!