Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.
-Mark Twain

This morning I was reading some emails and checking in on some blogs when QUILT BOY walks up to the desk and says….drum roll please. “I dreamed about a quilt last night”………[email protected]#$%^&*()o(i*&^@#$%^&*()$%^&*$%^&*(o&*() HOLEY MOLEY STOP RIGHT THERE. In a split second I realized I had done my man in. This brilliant man…Emory University…2 Masters degrees……IZ DREAMIN ABOUT QUILTS. Think about it. I have not recovered yet, an there is more. He says “Why don’t you put something in the centers of your Georgia Hoe Down quilt, you know where the quilt kinda looks round.” OMG, it occurs to me not only is he dreamin about quilting…he has included in this dream…..APPLIQUE’. I’m done for now. It’s over. I can’t take it any more. He has joined us. There is no where I can hide anymore……Wait a minute I still have cooking. There is no danger of him dreaming up a recipe…..Maybe I’m safe. I’ve enjoyed meeting and getting to know you all. Quilt boy will be taking over the blog from here on in.