Quilts are quilts and Rugs are Rugs.
-Another inspiring comment from Debbie in response to my telling our sewing group “Crows” that many designers were showing quilts as rugs at Spring market.

I’m not picking on Debbie but the quote above was so funny and so..classic. I was telling our group about some of the interesting and different things I saw while in Pittsburgh/Spring Market. So tell me dear bloggers what do you think about the possibility of using a quilt as a rug? Obviously, it would have to be in a low traffic area. Interesting huh? The verdict is still out for me. I will have to let this one percolate for awhile. Here are a couple of pictures for you to see. Tell me please if this is a trend and I’ll get busy designing quiltugs..whatever!

I’m teaching an advanced machine applique class at Sweet Home (Melissa) tomorrow. I can’t wait! We will be doing the Whig Rose wall hanging that I showed you a couple of months ago. A pattern by Kim Diehl from her book “Simple Blessings”. For the past several years I have been doing machine applique’ using Heat n Bond Lite and sewing the donut method or window pane method. This method has several names. But I have converted to the method of using freezer paper and having a turned under, clean finished edge and cutting away the backing so the piece is lighter and softer in feel. I think this method really gives the look that is closest to hand needle turned. I will be teaching my group both methods tomorrow so they have options… Can you tell I love to be in a classroom?

I asked the Mary Beth what she wanted for dinner tonight (this would be my first mistake). “Fresh green beans, MASHED POTATOES, salad , iced tea (well duh we have sweet tea at every meal), I don’t care what kind of meat but how about some chicken on the grill or it would be ok if it is just baked ” (she cut me some slack) was her answer! “What no homemade rolls?” I said… second mistake...”yeah rolls”. Next time I’m not asking, I’m ordering a pizza and going to my sewing room.