Vendi, vidi, Visa (We came,we saw, we went shopping.) -Jan Barrett

Debbie and I went to Sweet Home for a visit with Melissa and a quilt shop fix. Here is a photo of my loot. The two little tins are going to be turned into sewing boxes for “NOTIONS AND STUFF ON THE GO” for Debbie, Melissa and I…stay tuned!

We had so much fun driving Melissa crazy (well at least I did), Debbie behaved better than me but that is no surprise to Melissa. I’ve got some projects, which of course have to remain secret, on the brain so I am anxious to take my purchases and lock myself in the studio and just design and sew!!!! I need to tend to some chores around the house and I’m OFF!

I mentioned that I had officially crossed my 100th posting. Here are the goodies I have selected for my first give a way. Most have meaning to me so I will splain..

A spool of Aurifil thread (neutral). I love this stuff I swear if I could serve it for dinner we would have some tonight!

A Jelly Roll (dang I want to win that) From MINICK AND SIMPSONS Christmas Past Line..Did I mention that I heart them….I have been hording some of this line so it is special that I am giving some away. Hoarding is not so good.

A Layer Cake/Frosted Memories (somebody needs to encourage us to think Christmas/winter in the summer right?)

A Kathy Schmitz pattern “Long May She Wave” Why? you ask! Well, Kathy and I met at market and challenged each other to start a blog….and here I am and so is Kathy. Waving to you Kathy.

A Clearly Perfect Angle. Why? you ask…boy you guys are full of questions. I’m kinda… NO that is an understatement, I am a notions junkie. as in.. I need a support group. This is my new favorite thingy…

And one more surprise not pictured...One each of my 3 newest patterns. Now you would think I could manage to get that in the picture. Proof positive that I can be distracted from the task at hand. Honestly, I’m so lucky to work in the industry I love…blessed, blessed, blessed.

No you don’t get the sewing machine cuz it is a door stop to my office..and NO you don’t get to win Quilt Boy…him I’m keepin!

Here are the rules. First respond to this email and your name goes in the hat. Second tell (SHOUT IT OUT GOOD NOW) everyone on your blog about my give a way and your name goes in the hat again.(That’s two times) Write me back now and tell me that you posted about my give a way so I can keep up with those names.

I will draw a winner on Sunday May 31st at 6pm so that gives you some time and me some time to unpack my junk from market and get life back to normal… OK…ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!