What a beautiful drive into Pittsburgh we had on Wednesday! Our drive was about 11 hours. We managed to make it and get settled into our little home away from home…booth 552! Quilt boy is enjoying his first market..chatting it up with everybody he meets. I wore him out yesterday between 2 schoolhouse session and the booth set up we were exhausted by the end of the day, went back to the hotel, ordered room service and CRASHED.

The Market opened this am with soo many people coming by the booth. We gave out 250 of my flyers and I think I must have talked to all the them. The first day is what I call “tire kickin day” shop owners will walk the floor get flyers etc, go back to their hotels and come back by the booth tomorrow. There is so much to see at market, shop owners really have to take it all in at first. I’m expecting lots of people to be back at the booth tomorrow that is usually the way it happens. I have had some other wonderful things come up that I am not free to discuss now. All in all it has been a fun first day and watching “Quilt Boy” at work is histerical. He is lovin it!

I will say he does NOT have the lingo…

Quilt boy…”Wicky waky””……no sweet I told you it is called Ric Rac”
Quilt boy… This is Pat’s newest design.. “Snapppy Nines”….no precious it is “Scrappy Nines”
Quilt boy…This one uses “cinamon rolls”…. “So darling they are called Jelly Rolls”
Quilt boy.. This is made from “Thick Quarters”..So angel these are “Fat Quarters”
Quilt boy.. We will discount that book…. “O.K buddy…we are not discounting the books.”


We had stars in the booth I got some pictures…
Connie and Mary from Country Thread came by.
Judy Laquidara, I love, love, love her blog… has been by a couple of times. I took a photo but I’m having trouble with the download on that one… and here is my booth…

The biggest surprise for me came just as I was about to begin my schoolhouse session in walked a dear friend DarLynn. She moved from Atlanta to Illinois several years ago and I did not know
she would be in Pittsburgh… I almost burst into tears when she walked in..I held it together because I had to give my 30 talk…just know that it meant so much to have her there and come see me. She and Pat came by my booth and I we got a picture….WOW what a wonderful first day I had today…


Later dear friends.. bye bye from market. I’m going to try to get some pictures of other stuff going on for tomorrows blog….