You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.
-John Mason

A busy day ahead. I think I may have not one but two doctors appointments and some sewing friends are gathering as well. I’m taking some of that homemade Salsa to sewing today. Debbie told me to bring it and she would just get a spoon and eat it!

Here is the recipe. Thanks Julie this is now a staple in our home. I would smear it on an old shoe and eat it! Here is the recipe. Well kinda I don’t really measure everything sooooo much sorry.

First you gotta get De Monte mexican style tomatoes. YOU GOTTA! I use two cans because like I said we eat LOTTA SALSA.

Then IF you have great tomatoes. Use them if not I add a large can of petite diced tomatoes. Why cuz we eat a lot of this stuff and chances are I’m makin it on Christmas Eve when tomatoes are about as ripe as BASEBALLS!

Garlic use a about 3 cloves, more or less depending on how many vampires are around.

A bunch of fresh Cilantro..YES I SAID FRESH

Two or three fresh limes…ditto on the fresh. I know you wouldn’t cheat on this would you???

One Medium onion. Diced small. So sorry if you can’t get Vidallias.

You can kick this stuff up with some hot sauce or jalepenos….depending on your tastes. We like it mild. (I’m hot enough..teehee)

Chop all this up (I cut up the DeMonte tomatoes as well). Then let it all go swimming together and stand back because your family will love it. (And so will your friends). I promise you won’t buy the bottled junk anymore!!

I finished working on the sewing room so now I want to sew so bad I could jump out of my skin. Maybe tomorrow, as stated above I’ll be on the run today. Here are some pictures of my sewing room. I basically moved the sewing machine and the large table. Just flip flopped them and put in the desk and computer under the window and tidied up a bit.

Here is the before picture. See how my sewing machine is slammed up against the wall. I drives me crazy. Especially when I have a whole quilt under the machine. I wanted some room for the quilts … IN BACK OF THE MACHINE. So I flipped the machine and the large table. I also need a desk and computer area so I added the white wicker desk under the window. Now I can hook my lap top up there and design and write at the same time using two screens. GROOVY HUH?

This the next photo is of the sewing room looking into the room. Don’t go screaming from the room the photo was taken before I cleaned up the room. So if I can physically sift through it you can mentally sift through it RIGHT???

It is a large room that is also “L” shaped which gives room for zones. (aren’t you impressed with my decorator lingo???) So I have ironing and cutting in different areas from the sewing.

My favorite thing of all time are the design walls. The one nearest the sewing area really serves as a giant bulletin board. The other is a 8′ x 8′ wall. I have some plans to “spruce up ” the design walls in the near future so stay tuned.

You can see the fabric is in another little closet/room. I still have those 13 bags of scraps in there and I have plans for those as well. I have Scrap Separation Anxiety Disorder SSAD which is long for SAD …. Wanna join me?

Then there is a picture looking from the closet OUT. What the heck was I thinking…the TV was on. Probably something stupid like the Jon and Kate Marathon was blasting. Honestly, someone needs to get the hook and pull that show off TV… OH well I digress.

You can see in the next photo the view from the sewing area to the door.. That one shows the large design wall and cutting and ironing. I have a small table that I can use to iron if I want to iron at my sewing machine but SERIOUSLY… sewing is sedentary enough don’t you think? I mean I NEED MY EXERCISE. I sew for long periods of time I should be concerned with deep vein thrombosis!

Then looking from my sewing area next is a little corner with a chair. which needs to be recovered. (do they make spanx for furniture??) I really don’t sit there and do much hand sewing. But a certain little dog is usually parked in the chair while I am sewing.

All is tidy and ready for me to sew my brains out. Thank goodness. I hope these pictures don’t bore you to tears. I love to see other peoples sewing rooms so I hope you enjoy these. Probably the blogger gods are going to come get me for posting so many pictures. I hope you enjoyed this little romp through my personal “HEAVEN”.