Even with treasures of jewels and gold, the best is a sweetheart with whom you’ve grown old.
-Author Unknown

Ok, so the above quote is soooo very true after being married for 37 years…TODAY… However I take exception to the OLD part. NOPE not old, no way, nope, nope, nope. I married my best friend 37 years ago and he is still my best friend. I would rather spend time with him than anyone else on the planet. Together we have raised two daughters and we are enjoying watching them grow and take their places in the world. My favorite song in the world is Louis Armstrongs rendition of “Wonderful World” and it is…a wonderful world in every way!!!!

That being said, I went straight to my sewing room this morning and made these little cuties. It was so much fun. This is a small project we will be offering to the participants in The Summer Stitch In, July 6-11. They can choose to make these stockings if they wish!!! They are made from a box of sweet rolls (moda of course!) One sweet roll makes 3 stockings that are about 12 inches long…That is 6 per box. WOW. I played with the cuff part, the one with the ruffle is the one they suggested in the pattern but you know me I gotta mess around a bit with the instructions. I think for the next set of 3 I will play with buttons and ric rac more….FUN (by now you are thinking that I am easily entertained). Perfect for Christmas giving. You could put some candy, or gift card…or money in them..if you put CASH they should be sent directly to me!!! Even better fill them with some quilting goodies for your quilting buddies. I’M GOING TO MAKE A ZILLION OF THESE THINGS. I’m going to show them to the girls at our Silver Thimble Club meetings this weekend so don’t tell them you saw them on my blog!!!

TOMORROW night is give a way night…oh boy the fun never stops!