A father is the hands that hold you safe.
-Author unknown

Just a quick blog to wish all the fathers a special day today. Quilt boy is being pampered by his family and we are enjoying a full weekend of yummy cooking and laughing family around the dinner table. I cooked out last night, my BIL, SIL and nephew came out for dinner. Earlier in the day the men played golf and we girls went shopping…well of course what else would we do!

It is still stinkin hot which makes keeping the grill fired up especially pleasurable. We are grilling hamburgers and corn, baked beans, along with sides of sliced tomatoes and marinated cucumbers…sweet tea and strawberry pie. Don’t you wish you were here? Emily and Russ are leaving around 4 to get back to Asheville. The weekends go so fast I love having all my babies sleepin in their beds. Mary Beth will be gone for a few days back to school to visit her friends and will return on Wednesday.

Guess what I’m going to do when everyone leaves!!! Yup it is up to the sewing room to get something accomplished. I want to finish my king size Strawberry Pie quilt made from Chocolat fabbies. I only have to sew 3 more rows and I’m done so that is my first plan of attack. I almost finished it when I was in the mountains with Becky and Brenda. I also have some Silver Thimble special secret stuff going on up there…HMMMMMM.

I miss my daddy so much today. I can’t tell you. He would love to be here grilling with us and laughing and telling stories. How did I get sooo lucky to have such fantastic men in my life? My daddy, my wonderful Quilt Boy…and now I have a new son married to my Emily… I hope I never forget how much God loves me for giving me this life.