Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.
-Elbert Hubbard

I’ve been in a rush today with Silver Thimble activities and running a few errands. You know weekend food shopping, can’t stand to shop on the weekends…I try to stay away and let people who HAVE to shop on the weekends have the place.

That being said I am posting a SHOCKING discovery. Someone said to me “Why haven’t you shown your new designs from market on your blog. YIKEES!!! Well slap me and call me stupid. DANG. You know how all that junk has to remain secret prior to market but it sure doesn’t now. So here they are. Tic Tacs. Jelly roll friendly that is for sure and super fast to make. I’m going to make this one out of a different line of fabrics, currently it is made from 30’s but I want to make it with some warm colors with high contrast.. hmmmm. I love the quilt so much and can see it in many different color ways.

The next quilt is My Sunny Garden. Oh WOW is this one fun. Loads of WOW factor and easy too. Can’t wait to put it on the table with some pumkins…Did I mention I hate hot weather?

Then there is Scrappy Nines. Mine is done with reds and shirtings (as my friend Wendy said…this quilt is soooo Pat) But look what Debbie is making. She is making the quilt from Black and Taupe fabbies ZOOWIEEE is this quilt going to make you wanna SLAP YO MAMMA!
UH HUH yes sireee. I love it. Hurry up Deb we want to see the finished product. Here is a photo of her pile of cut fabbies all ready for the CHAIN GANG. She is using a ton of fabrics, more than the pattern calls for so she will have a super scrappy quilt. Don’t tell her but I’m going to sneak over and steal the thing when she is finished. yes I am!!!!

I may be overloading this post with photos so I will post again with my GIVE A WAY… Tomorrow is post number 111 so I’m gathering and photographing today. YIPEEE. Dancing a way.

Later my friends,