If you laugh really hard it is the same as a good cardio work out!
-quote from Pat B. at Silver Thimble Club 6/13/09

Well, if the above quote is true I have run 3 marathons this weekend. If the rest of the civilian world things that quilting is a boring, solitary, quiet, only introspective activity….THEY NEED TO DROP BY our Silver Thimble meetings! and OH my the Stitch In is just around the corner!!! We talked we screamed with laughter we ate…my face hurts from so much smiling.

Just to prove that I am the ever present FASHIONISTA, I wanted to show you how I dressed for our weekend. You are going to want to take note on this so pay attention. When you are the leader of a very large group of women you would want to be prepared at all times. So…I wear my beautiful sterling Silver Thimble on a lovely chain. (get it?? Silver Thimble…) But, I need to be prepared for any and all situations so this is also what I wore at our meeting. Is is a medic alert button? You know the “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” thingy? Nope, I’m not that old PEOPLE. It is actually my garage door opener. Yes, I walked around all day with my garage door opener in DAH cleavage. Why? you ask. Well if I could answer that it would be a clue to my permanent state of ridiculous antics. Its just me….I told every one that if I push the button my skirt would fly up. The DH and DD dropped by the club and just shook their heads. I guess they are used to it by now! I mentioned in another post that I’m concerned that I may get turned in to Stacy and Clinton on “What Not to Wear” This is more evidence. YIKESS…

There were so many wonderful quilts being shown. Here are a few of them. Dang I missed a quilt that Sarah was working on while it was on the design wall which was her version of the quilt we had kitted up. (I was probably running my mouth and not getting my camera). Photo 1: Julie B’s killer quilt for her daughter and SIL, and they chose the fabbies pretty good huh! Photo #2: Autumn Ridge quilt that we kitted up a LONG TIME AGO. This is Karins quilt. This quilt is what I call MY QUILT at home…goes with me every where. I sit under it very day and take it with me to the hospital if I’m having surgery (I’ve had plenty of that in the last 5 years…I’m done). I love, this quilt! Photo #3: An adorable 30’s quilt that Vicky L did. I believe this is a Schnibble pattern by Miss Rosies Quilt Co. Incidentally I will be going on another MELISSA AND PATS FABULOUS ADVENTURE tomorrow to hear Carrie Nelson (Miss Rosie) speak in Cartersville. More later on that for sure.

I will be working in the studio all day and I’m late! I worked late last night on a magazine submission which is due today. So I’m dragin’ this morning. The coffee is kicking in so I really must go make haste…The design studio of Silver Thimble Quilt Co is in full gear today! HMMM I’m thinkin it is a Crock Pot….day. The person who invented the Crock Pot was a quilter I’m SURE…. More sewing time!!!!

I am mailing Barb her winnings from my 111 post give a way. Congrats again Barb! Off to American Samoa the package is on its way.