The only real risk is the risk of thinking too small.
-Frances Moore Lappe

Big day today…Sophie is 11 years old today. She looks forward to her birthday every year. Off to Dairy Queen. She gets to order a vanilla ice cream cup. I swear she knows the second we get in the car where she is going. She is a GIFTED doggie albeit not so well behaved. Happy birthday Osama Bin Doggie (I’ve already explained that she is a silver schnauzer that looks like…you know who and behaves like a terrorist as well.!!!)

Here is a photo of my new favorite thing. Get in the car and go to Wal Mart and pick you up one of these goodies. It is only $16.95 and will hold every sewing notion under the sun. This is my traveling notion case. I teach so many classes and need my goodies with me.. I just love this thing and it is cute too. It comes in pink and brown and black with white polka dots..I got the black because I’m on the go so much I thought it might stay cleaner. The little monogram tag I added so i would know who I am. I love it. It makes me smile. I’ll let you know if I still love it after I hit the brakes in the car and everything goes flying.. Now that sounds like something I would definitely do.

My book club met Sunday night and we discussed this months book. “The People of the Book” by Geradine Brooks. We liked the book and enjoyed our time together (wine is involved) . This group has been together around 5 years. We all raised our families together and we have enjoyed knowing each other for over 20 years. Sometimes we talk and laugh so much we barely discuss the book we have chosen. Only one of the group other than me is quilter..I’m trying to get them all on board but…well… lets say they are still CIVILIANS. Our book next month is “Olive Kitteridge” by Elizabeth Strout. Can’t wait. What is on your reading list???

Tomorrow is Quilt Boy and Pat’s 37th anniversary…WOW….Maybe I should have a give a way to celebrate that…hmmmm. I don’t think I have a box big enough to ship him out…JUST KIDDING HE IS THE BEST!!!