Mary Anne from Zwolle, LA. congratulations. Send me via email your postal addy etc and your prizes will be right along to you.

Now let me say this about that…When I posted this give away I wanted to add some followers. I figured this would take a week or TWO…Am I making my self completely clear here people? I had 20 followers within 3 hours of posting. I am amazed..I am humbled….I am shocked beyond belief and I don’t shock so easily. The speed at which we communicate now has always been an amazing thing but I never dreamed this would happen. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am, how grateful to all my blogging friends. You honor me by reading my blog. I enjoy reading the new blogs I am finding and look forward to many more postings and give aways.. Thank you all so much.

I included each and everyone of you in the number generator thingy and it came up with Mz. Mary Anne. I’m happy for her win. Lets all give the little lady a hand.

Because I’m so happy about my new friends and my regular friends and my lurking but now out in the fresh air friends. I will choose 5 more friends from my list of responders and each one of them can look at all my patterns on my web site and I will mail them each…the design/pattern of their choice. I will announce these 5 winners tomorrow...Why because tonight is MARY ANNE’S night.

Off to set up tables at the church for the STITCH IN….WOOP WOOPP….DEE DOOO DAH DEEE. I will be blog blog blogin about the stitch in alllllll weeeeeekkk long…with photos. Don’t think there is WiFI at the church or I would give you hourly updates from QUILT HEAVEN.

Smooches to all,