Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.

No blogging the past few days, not much sewing. It has all been about her. Below is only a sample of where we have been this week…Think of it as the tip of the iceberg.

Sweet Mary Beth. She pulled out this morning for a stop at the hairdressers and then back to college. GOD how my heart breaks when that car is in reverse and she is waving and smiling as she drives away. I miss her already.

She was so excited to be getting back to school, sorority rush, her friends, her boyfriend, her new room in the sorority house. I don’t understand !! she has a HUGE room with her own bathroom upstairs right next to my studio…why would she ever want to go live in a shoe box with 16 other girls. She could stay right upstairs in her PRINCESS comfort room. Good ol mom’s home cookin and the list goes on...BUT NO…. She was sitting on my bed last night chattering about her new room and how excited she was to be going back to college. Did she realize she was leaving us? Does she know how much we love her? Will she be safe..OH MY… her 21st birthday is Tuesday….I’m going to go down there and follow her round and hide in the bushes to make sure she is ok. She is a responsible level headed young woman..but dang 21st birthday…..

This is the part where I’m supposed to be happy right? We gave her roots and wings RIGHT? dang those wings……….So its me and Quilt Boy…the nest is empty again. I’m making some comfort food for tonight Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, sweet tea….smaller portions…sad sad sad…

As for me….it’s upstairs for the day to visit my dear friend (see above)…I’ll take some photos. Don’t worry about me. I think there are Cheetos up there too!


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    Stock up on Cheetos and chocolate and sew up a storm and before you know it, she will be graduated and back there!!!

  2. 2

    To be that age again, and so carefree, the joy of youth!

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    You better just stay home, you may get picked up as a stalker if you get caught in the bushes. I’m munching cheetos as I type and our pot roast goes in the oven at 4. I have no real need for the comfort food, but now I can just eat in sympathy with you.


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    Did I ever tell you how I called the police when the girls went back to college and didn’t report in? I was a wreck-they were at a party in the sorority house! I feel for you but you know adult daughters are the best..a whole new kind of relationship. I’m lovin it! But I also keep the chocolate close by for certain times

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    I remember all of those feelings and thoughts (still have some of them) but we have to think of how much we helped to make them who they are. Hang in there.

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    I’m going to have such a hard time with this! It makes me upset just thinking about it!

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    Oh Wow- you are scaring me for when Kassidy goes to college…(although she started 5th grade this week.)
    I know what you mean…darn those wings!
    x Lori

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    Have just discovered your blog. My shop is in central western Queensland, Australia and is called The Silver Thimble!! Have been trading for 11 years and still loving it. School days for my children are over, but eldest grandaughter is now away at boarding school. She’s just turned 12, so a long way to go.

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    How your words tugged at my heart today. My daughter left home right after graduation and right into the Navy. She is out in California, having the time of her life. She will soon be stationed in Hawaii. Exciting for her and to everyone I tell, yet, to me…it’s like she has flown to the moon. I miss her. She has such a busy and demanding life and she doesn’t miss home…way out in the middle of nowhere…where nothing ever happens.{: It is so hard to give them wings. Phone calls are ok, but I just want to see that smiling face again. It won’t be long and before you know it, your’s will be home again! blessings,Kathleen

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