“I brought you the fabric you asked me to bring you. It was laying on top of one of those Moda Pancakes.
-Quilt Boy

MODA PANCAKES….aka Layer Cakes.

We had some storms yesterday and my computer was down (actually it blew my router out and the dang fax machine) until today so I could not send photos of current happenings at the Stitch In…The extreme merriment is ridiculous. The laughing and jokes and general insanity cannot be put into words. I will tell you that I woke up in the middle of the night last night laughing. One of my Stitch In participants said she woke up in the middle of the night and her PJ bottoms were across the room!!! I don’t know what that has to do with quilting but she blamed it on the Stitch In. I take NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER ACTIONS!!!! dang..I may be onto something new here for the quilting world.

The quilts are amazing and I am going to shut up and send some pictures for now with more detailed stories later. I’m so tired at night and have to get up early and prepare for everyones arrival, I generally need to face plant in the bed when I get home.

We had a visit from Petunia Patchwork (aka Vanessa). She was a new student who was slightly “slow”. We had never met Petunia before. She had her lint roller in her pocket and fuzzy covers for the bottom of her sewing chair so she could scoot around. Her hat was lovely and her clothes fit her like a glove…I promise you she may be setting the quilting universe on its ear very soon. Also there is a photo of some of the ladies reactions to Petunia…I’m happy to say she is now my star student and will be in my gifted student classes!!!!

Later friends..