I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
-St. Paul

Tired is still the state I’m in but ready to sew. I have two new secret projects to work on and I am getting some hand work together. I have sewing and lunch today with my small group buddies which is always so enjoyable and relaxing. Then it is home to sew in the studio for the afternoon. It has taken me two days to feel somewhat normal again after 72 hours of Stitch In merriment.

I wanted to show you some photos of some of the very “special” moments at the Stitch In…OH MY.

Here is Marilyn. Marilyn is an expert in making tote bags “with a twist” the secret is to sew the inner pocket on UPSIDE DOWN… !!!! Reaching down and up to get your cell phone or wallet makes carrying this tote a “special” experience!!

And here is Sue. She is this years winner/wiener of the CA-CA AWARD. She is thrilled to win a jug of shavings from the cutting table…contributions from her fellow Stitch In friends. This award is a ‘TREASURE”…..Once you have won the CA CA AWARD…The award must sit at your sewing table at every subsequent Stitch In. Wouldn’t you love to win this award????

These are some of the past winners/wieners…a couple of them neglected to bring their past awards. I’m pretty sure they won’t make that mistake again. Oh! and notice Cathy A. The award is so named because she is a double winner..she has two awards/jugs of scraps…She is ONE LUCKY LADY FOR SURE….

Then we have Becky who won the fabric drawing.. 10 yards of delicious fabbies….she was happy. But I’m sure she would have loved to win the CA CA award…..better luck next time Becky!

Sue decided she need to see if she could get a job with the church..So at the end of the Stitch In she strapped on a vacuum and went to town. Can you believe that this lady is a High School gifted BC Calculus teacher….man is she talented. I want to be her when I grow up.

Wait till I tell you what Quilt Boy has done…

Later my friends.