I was going to give up chocolate but I decided that I was not a quiter.


With Suzanne at the wheel, B.J, Vickie and Cathy in the back we arrived home around 8:30 Saturday night. Took the “scenic” route home. Don’t ask…lets just say the new motto is TRUST YOUR G.P.S. We managed to make a couple of detours and played a bit on the way home. I was working on red work and enjoying myself all the way! The chatter was hilarious and the countryside was glorious. The picture below is of what I call “Fabric Storage Facilities” they have them everywhere!!! I purchased one at the show on aisle 300 and they are delivering it to my backyard next week. I got the “show special”

This is a photo of what I did all the way home. Red work and Cheetos…what more could anyone ask for?

I went to my last class during my stay in Knoxville and learned soooo much about the “Custom Set” feature of EQ6. The class time FLEW by I hardly looked up from the computer the whole time. The classes I took were taught by Barb Vlack, who is knowledgeable to say the least. I was joking around with her on Saturday morning about my bunny and she looked at it and said mine was better than hers…and dang I looked at hers and she WAS RIGHT!!!! If you have an interest in this software and have an opportunity to take a class from her JUMP ON IT…you won’t regret it. Ya know, just about the time you THINK you know something….you find out you have a lot to learn. heck that should be my quote of the day after my classes in Knoxville.

I had to teach a class all day Sunday at Patchwork Cottage. Now I am devoting the rest of the week to getting Mary Beth off to school. She leaves on Friday and has lots of things she wants me to do with her in the next four days. Today was shopping for school supplies and stuff for her room. FOR THE RECORD....this is my 21st straight year purchasing school supplies. She is in her last year of college (well sort of she will graduate from nursing school next December). So we are on the down hill slide into the finish line…..yippee. Good thing because she will have to take care of us when we are in our rocking chair and wearing diapers.

Ok, I’m off to read blogs now and catch up on what all of ya’ll have been up to!!!

Later my friends,