The inmates have taken over the asylum!
-Pat Wys, President of the Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

I’ve lost control, I’ve lost my mind, I’ve lost oxygen to my brain I have laughed so much and so hard….Yesterday was total maddnessssss. We all were in rare form with jokes, quilts, games, prizes and apparently to much sugar. We played a game of Left, Right, Center…for dollar bills….. usually we play for Fat Quarters. This time $$ for the winner. I’m surprised Pat in DE didn’t hear us screaming in laughter. Let me just say, some of the participants had very interesting places to store their cash. You can figure it out from here.

The quilts are rolling out faster, and faster. I had to kick a little Silver Thimble Butt because there were only 8 projects completed on my tally board (photos of that later). I told them they better get to sewing faster if we wanted to keep up with last years totals.

Leisa came out today and brought her lap top and showed us the cutest way to personalize TWILL TAPE. Now don’t go making fun of this…it was great. You can use your computer program for making labels etc. and get iron on transfer clear stuff and stick it on twill tape and personalize your gifts…make drawstrings for p.j’s and about a zillion other ideas we brainstormed. I was so stupid I forgot to take pictures of her demo and tape.. She is coming back at the end of the week I’ll get her to bring her stuff so I can snap a photo for my blogging buddies.

We had a birthday girl party with not one but two cakes…I think that could have been part of the sugar high most people were experiencing. DUH. I think I’m going to have ricketts by the end of the week. I really need some vegtables.

Today Mary Ellen from Little Quilts will be our visiting dignitary. Her shop is on the west side of Atlanta so she has to drive a bit to get to us. We had about 10,000 calls between us yesterday with her filling requests to bring goodies from her store. So she calls me one finial time around 6 o’clock last night and says.. “I packed up the whole store and put it in a space bag and sucked the air out of it and shoved it in the mini van…is there anything else your royal highness wishes me to bring to your people?” hahahaha.. Well my group apparently has the reputation for using their credit and debit cards to their best advantage…POWER TO THE SILVER THIMBLES!!!!!!!

We are having a little demo on new rulers, and we are making tea towels today. I will be teaching (well at least I’m going to try to teach…it’s a little like teaching in a nut house) machine applique today. Mary Ellen is bring tons of ric rac and other fabbies for us to make those tea towels cute cute cute….just in time for the holidays tooo.

One of the last photos of yesterdays festivities is of some of the group getting up at my request and giving a small tribute to M. Jackson’s passing by doing the Thriller dance. I think we may have to work on getting in SYNC..What do you think? This would be another example of the fun we are all having. Oh by the way…..there is lots of stuff going on that is I just can’t quite put into words….I am a Southern Lady after all.

More tomorrow…… bye ya’ll.