Left wing, right wing, I am wingless and tired of trying to fly. Here comes the ground.

Tired does not even describe how I felt yesterday and so far today I’m not much better off. I think we must use a great deal of energy in a week long FUN FEST… Yes, exhaustion has set it BIG TIME! I did nothing yesterday…I mean NUTHIN. I never have days like that but I sure pulled one off yesterday.

My thoughts about the Stitch In are so filled with smiles, and tender feelings. The ladies that were present are a gifts from God. They were loud and quiet, sweet and strong, caring and comforting, creative and open to learn new things. My SIL was there for the last two days, she had never participated in anything like this. She was amazed! I told her that these women come to sew but really it is sooooo much about the fellowship and camaraderie. They take care of each other emotionally, spiritually and they are there for each other at all times. Yes I’m the lucky leader of the group (but not so much really..).they ALL lead at times, and they pitch in ALL THE TIME.

I don’t have much of a voice. I think it is from Singing the CELEBRATE song 72 times at the top of my lungs...(a Silver Thimble Tradition when a finished project is held up). Wow we did it. Last year we finished 76 projects in 7 days…this year…72 projects in 6 days. Isn’t that amazing??? We had visiting dignitaries that sat with me at the front table..Melissa, from Sweet Home Quilt Co., Leisa from Leisa’s quilting Lab, Mary Ellen from Little Quilts, my Sister in Law, and Chris from Marietta came for a visit on the last day (oh my…I think she got a full dose of the group!!!hahahaha). Next year I’m inviting the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus to visit.

So, it is Monday morning and I’m still sooo very tired but I have got to get back to work at the business of Silver Thimble Quilt Co. Yikess I have been gone for a week and I have much to do! I’m dying to go upstairs to sew and I’m hoping that I will be up there by noon. My family is ready for some home cookin and frankly so am I! So I will run to the store after I finish
answering my emails etc. For those of you who won prizes in my give away I will be getting them together TODAY and sending them off to you. Thank you for your patience while I was busy with the Stitch In.

I’m posting photos of some more quilts today. WHY?? because the quilts are first and foremost in our minds. Tomorrow I will post photos of people with stories to go with them…WATCH OUT….this could spell trouble. !!!!

This is Chris …one of my visiting dignitaries…She is holding her version of my Road to Romance quilt. Thanks for coming Chris and PAHLEZZE come back again!!!