Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich. -Sarah Bernhardt


My daughter is running the Peachtree Road Race this morning, along with 50,000 of her best friends.This race is such an Atlanta tradition. Luckily it is quite cool with very low humidity which is SUPER RARE…heck almost never happens in July here is HOTLANA… See there she is, she is the beautiful blonde running with her Ipod I bet.
GO EMILY GET THAT TEE SHIRT!!! Waving to you sweetie….My personal contribution to her run is to sit on the porch and drink coffee. Then I’m going to go sew. I don’t want to stress my self out on this glorious holiday.

I was so busy cooking and cleaning yesterday I did not get near the computer. Emily and Russ got in yesterday afternoon, Mary Beth got off from work, Suzanne came over and we had a wonderful pasta dinner. Needless to say I spent the better part of yesterday getting the house clean and packing packing, packing for the STITCH IN.With a holiday weekend just before the Stitch In, I’m a little busy.

I promised a good good goodie GIVE AWAY (ok so I promised to post this yesterday but I was up to my #$%^&* in Murphy’s Oil Soap) … so here it is HAVE FUN WITH MY GOODIES
I want to increase my BLOG readership and have some fun at the same time soo while I don’t know the date yet, when I have 20 followers listed,( I currently have 10.) I will give away the following. Good luck, post your desire to win RIGHT HERE ON THE BLOG and lets get going.

The List of items are as follows!

A cute little wool pinchusion with a CROW on it Why? Personally I think the Crow would have made a wonderful National Bird. CAW CAW

A giant roll of Triangles on a Roll. 3.5″ Why? because it is fun stuff to have around!

A Layer Cake of Figgy Pudding fabbies…Why? because it is too dang hot to bake.

Two holiday panels. One Halloween, One Christmas…Why? because I’m worried ya’ll are not preparing early enough for the holidays.

20 Fabrics, mostly civil war and some shirtings…fat quarters or fat eighths. Why because I love you.

Photo number one…the goodies
Photo number two..the goodies on display
Photo number three …I’m going to that chair and drink my morning coffee. O love my porch, I really must take photos for you, it is especially lovely at night when we eat out there with the candles lit…gotta go…bye bye…..

PS. If I get more than 20 followers in a hurry. I’m throwing in a giant bag….drumroll….of CHEETOS…CRUNCY OF COURSE!!! I will include the secret directions for eathing them without getting your hands messy.