New friends are silver, Old friends are gold-All friends are priceless-
-Author Unknown

When I say I’ve been on the run this week I mean it!!! I have not had a minute to sit down, blog, respond to blogs…answer emails … or blow my nose! yikees. I’ve been getting my duckies in a row for the big STITCH IN which begins on Monday. I’m so excited I can just scream! I’ve been gettting prizes and goodies for everyone. Planning some guest demos.. Working on the floor plan. Tomorrow I go to Sam’s for the FOOD O’ RAMA shopping extravaganza. Everyone knows that women cannot quilt without snacks where there are quilters there will be CHOCOLATE or in my case the staff of life…seee today’s photo. Oh and by the way, I know they make a mess on the fingers but I have perfected the art of eating them without making a mess. It took YEARS of pain staking dedication and practice. I’m not sorry either. Not a good time for a diet. The weight watchers people will be setting up a booth in the parking lot of the church just for retreaters.

I’m charging up both cameras so I can keep you all posted on the quilting lovelyness and fooling around insanity that goes on. My goal (keep in mind that all GOALS…are soft…, kinda like a diet) is to blog everyday. What do you think the chances of that are?

Tomorrow I am announcing another give a way….I’m so excited...I just can’t Hide it…I’m about to loose control and I think I like it..doowap deedoowap….deedoodah..That was me singing could you hear me????? It’s gonna be a good one to!

Later my friends…I’m going to pack my entire sewing room.