Pie Fixes Everything.
-Author Unknown

Hello from Knoxville! Suzanne, B.J, Vickie, and Cathy are all here in our room. I think they are working up to watching “So You Think You Can Dance” …as for me…BLOGGGGS BABBIE!

We left the ATL. and headed toward TN. Stopped in Sweetwater to go a a quilt shop…which was closed down. DANG apparently we did not get there in time with our money to save the shop. We went antiquing which was so much fun. I didn’t buy much just a little linen basket stitchery.

Then we headed for Sevierville to go to the “Cherry Pitt” (oops it’s Pit I was thinking about Brad Pitt!!!). Boy is this a wonderful shop. Wonderful fabbbies everywhere. We arrived at 4:30..of course they said we could take our sweet time (they close at 5) and shop allllll we wanted. Jane the owner was so friendly and wonderful I wanted to pinch her cheeks… she is just what you want every quilt shop owner should be! I loved her instantly.! Waving to you Jane. Hopefully she is reading my blog.

Guess who won the prize and spent the MOST $$$$$ in the shop…You guess it. and I’m not sorry either.

We went to eat dinner because heaven only knows we have to dang eat every hour. We had a wonderful meal and relaxed. Cathy and Suzanne are entertaining us with their escapades in search for a man…(I think Cathy is going to try to scoop up Quilt Boy in the event of my demise)…. As for me I could not lay my head on the pillow without touching base with my blogging friends. Wish you were here. I’m taking two EQ6 classes tomorrow with some shopping in the middle…LATER PEEPS. Remember…Pie fixes EVERYTHING…..sort of!!