The most I can do for my friend is simply be her friend.
-Henry David Thoreau

Remember our STINKIN HOT weather I posted about in June? Well the world is spinning around upside down in July. We are having the most fantastic weather for July. It is cool for us during the day mid 80’s, very little humidity…absolutely lovely. This is the kind of normal summer weather I would love to have all the time. OK so only old people discuss the weather and their health on a regular basis…I need to stop this madness!

My book club met last night to discuss our current book “Olive Kitteridge”. We sat outside and drank wine on Mary Carols lovely back yard. The weather was so cool and a light breezy… OOPPS there I go again. We liked the book but all agreed it was very different and some people might not like it. Our next book is “The Moonflower Vine” by Jetta Charleton. Jan is almost finished with it and she says it is FANTASTIC. Written quite awhile ago and said to be “An Undiscovered Classic” I think she said the book is having a resurgence, sounds good huh? Recommending books is a scary thing. We all have such different tastes when it comes to reading. Kinda like recommending a restaurant.

OK as promised here comes the next ruler…

THE TUCKER TRIMMER!!!Soory photo is sideways..I don’t understand
The magic wand is a 1/2″ neon plastic stick. You lay it on your stash say some magic words and it makes the quilts! Amazing. haha just kidding. It is a neon stick (comes in choices of colors) that is similar to the “Quick Quarter” tool many people (including me) own. The difference is that it is a little sturdier and does not require you to draw the center line. It is kinda cool..and the little thing is cheap, around $4.50 I think. I’m going to multi task with it and stir my coffee. You could buy a zillion of them and give them to your quilting friends for Christmas.

The Tucker Trimmer is like the Wing Clipper in that the tool is not visually cluttered
with a ton of lines and marks. It is specifically for squaring up (remember the up sizing while sewing concept) quarter square triangles. The tool has an X reference cross hair for each size quarter square unit. I love this because a normal ruler does not have these reference points. Again you don’t have to worry with the math part of it because all these reference points are built into the ruler. Very cool. It can also be used for half squares but you can easily use a regular ruler for that… Another use is for the “Mary’s Triangle” units..(I just love that Mary don’t you???) All in all I think the tool is a dandy!! I think Deb Tucker who invented these little babies should get the Quilters Nobel Prize for dreamin up these things. Somehow I think she has a committee that meets in her brain in the middle of the night like mine…hers is just a smarter committee. I’ll be calling a daytime meeting with my committee to speak to them about this in about 10 minutes.

I am off to sew..ALLLLL DAY…..don’t call me. ok.