There was a time I know you not
Bur now you shall not be forgot
And since we know each other well
Let us in love and friendship dwell

-From an old Friendship Album.

Our Thimbles Club weekend followed quickly on the heels of the end of the Summer Stitch In. What did this created was more laughing, talking, quilt project sharing, more FUN….Now here is the part where I messed up..I left my dang camera at home both Friday AND Saturday. I swear I need to buy another camera and leave it in the car!!! What kind of lousy blogger am I??? Oh well I promise to do better..really….

Mary Ellen came out from Little Quilts at my invitation and we did the ruler demo I mentioned on a previous blog. Some of you wanted to hear my thoughts about these rulers. So hopefully I won’t bore you…OR this would be your chance to stopped reading right now. (sob sob sob…)
I will talk about the Wing Clipper Ruler today…and Tucker Trimmer tomorrow with a little Magic wand thrown in for fun.


If you are familiar with the Fast Flying Geese method for constructing 4 Flying Geese with speed. You know, Big Square Little Squares..Drawing diagonal lines and sewing from corner to corner. You may have done this technique and noticed that quite frequently you end up with 3 good geese and one little geese that won’t fly right…WONKY…OUT OF THE FLOCK, BAD LITTLE GOOSE ….just plain not right. Well, my quilting friends, this technique, while wonderful, ASSUMES (I think you know about the word assume) that you sew PERFECTLY...NO ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY...NO…I mean the dang most perfect 1/4″ seams and straight sewing on the planet!!! Get the picture???

The WING CLIPPER ruler takes the math and perfect sewing out of the equation gives you a niffty little chart (which you can tatoo on your butt for future reference…or if you loose the chart you can call me) UPSIZES the squares and provides you with a handy ruler with wonderful lines to slap on your geese and bring the upsized geese down to perfect size with two slashes of the rotary cutter…. They have taken the math out of figuring out how to do this with a conventional ruler. They have also provided us with clear lines and not a BAZILLION other lines that we have to sort through to find the correct line to put the little geeseys on. VERY NICE FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE EYES THAT ARE WELL…aging. The ruler provides the lines to make teeney little geeseys (they are so cute!) and BIG HONKIN SIZED GEESE…outstanding for pieced borders etc.

Here is the rub…can you do this with a regular ruler..YES. Oh yes you can. I used the Fast Flying Geese technique in my Star Gazing pattern..upsized the squares and gave the technique for squaring up an upsized geese within the directions of the pattern. But my experience has taught me that most quilters don’t want to go to this much trouble…and there is MATH envolved here which can drive many people to drink real coke instead of DIET COKE.. You know what I mean don’t cha?????

I also think a lot of quilters would look at some of these notions hanging on the notions wall of a shop and unless they got a demo would walk right by these rulers. This is like update your current software…

I am not getting a kick back on these rulers…dang. But I am enjoying being your new “BARKER” for the quilters of the world. Rest in Peace Billy Mays…I’m going to go find my SMAMWOW and clean something.