“This is the best vacation I have had in years.”
-Stitch In participant

The Stitch In is reeeeellly underway. Everyone moved in..got settled…Sewing machines were hummin and laughter was the order of the day. Our new home at Highlands Presbyterian Church works out so well for us. The room is huge and we can spread out. The kitchen is perfect and I loaded it with all kinds of drinks and goodies. We eat lunch in and either go out to dinner or order in. Food is not a problem. I’m amazed already at the wonderful quilts that are getting completed. Included today are a few photos. I must admitt I have to get better with my camera. Usually I’m doing something else and miss snapping the picture. OK I’m probably running my mouth and miss snapping the picture.

Mary Agnes and I had two TWIZZLER races. This is another skill of mine that comes in handy when you are sewing. Did you know you can eat a Twizzler with NO HANDS… YUP. yes you can. So while you are at the machine, practice..It won’t take long to get it. Mary Agnes and I race to see who can eat theirs the fastest. Yesterday she won the first round and I won the second. I may have cheated a bit..so sory MA…I’m awaiting your return for a rematch. (actually it was her birthday so I didn’t want to get too competitive). HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mary Agnes (somewhat belated). We will try to get a photo of this race later in the week.

A tradition in my classes is to sing the “Celebration” song whenever anyone finishes a project. You know “CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COMEON..WOO WOO WOO WOO” Beating on the tables and clapping while singing. You should hear the whooping and hollerin for each finished project…Aren’t we the most supportive people!!! Then I give your project a mark on the TOTE BOARD…More on that later.

The lady holding the Tote is Teresa W. she won the first Princess Pat giveaway…she was so happy.

Melissa was at the Stitch In all day yesterday. I invited her to sit at the visiting dignitaries table with me… She was sewing with us because her shop is closed on Mondays during the summer months. (she really should work a little harder!) Other than the fact that we were crackin jokes and teasing each other all day we managed to enjoy our time together. She is threatening to put another unflattering picture of me on her blog. I’m tellin you if she does…IT’S WAR BABY….

Ok I promised 5 more EXTRA winners of my giveaway. The following people should contact me with your pattern request and your postal address. Go to my web site (link box is on the blog), choose a pattern and let me know which one you love and can’t wait to make!!!



I am writing this blog entry in such a hurry because I have to get back to the Stitch In and ice drinks down, make coffee etc. More photos and stories. LATER DEAR FRIENDS WISH YOU WERE HERE.