We came we saw we tried to buy it all.
– the Knoxville Five

I can’t even tell you how tired we all are. This spreading merriment everywhere we go is work baby. I’m tellin you. I went to two EQ6 classes today. In the am class there were about three of us that were “Big Dogs” in the class. We knew a lot about what was being taught. Then there was the afternoon class…no big dog here. I spent all afternoon and I made a bunny. A not so good bunny. AND I WAS AN ART MAJOR. Trust me folks this puppy has a lot to learn about COMPUTER DRAWING. I will need some practice and for now I’ll stick to my graph paper and colored pencils. What do you think of Mr. Bunny?? be nice.
I got to walk the retail floor with the girls.

We looked at some great stuff. I’m in the market for a light/magnifier . I tried on one that clips on to some glasses. So don’t you think this is the Hannibal Lector look for quilting. I don’t think this is what I had in mind. What I really want is the lighted circle light that is on a stand…BIG BUCKS.

Here are a few of the lovely quilts that are in the show. I will send some more tomorrow/Sunday. These Baltimore Album style quilts remind me of my efforts at making a Baltimore quilt. I bought all the supplies, all the books (and had them spiral bound), needles, fabric GALORE, I signed up for a year long class and paid in full. I’m telling you people I was ready. MOVE OVER DEAR JANE…

I now have a beautiful Baltimore Album POT HOLDER.