When we truly care for ourselves, it become possible to care far more profoundly about other people. The more alert and sensitive we are to our own needs, the more loving and generous we can be toward others.

-Eda LeShan

I have had a committee meeting with myself. You know I’ve told you about the committee that meets in my head and wakes me up at all hours of the night, makes me get out of bed and solve the current topics of the day…No people I’m not crazy.….well maybe a little. I think it is actually one of those age things, you know sleep issues.

We all know that as women we take care of everyone else better than ourselves right? So I’m going to work on eating, sleeping, exercise (OMG!!!!) vitamins, coffee (toooo much), diet coke (too much) etc. We will see. I try to purchase organic foods whenever possible but I’m not totally there. It seems pointless to eat good foods then fill myself with caffeine etc…don’t you agree? See what I mean…. Kinda stupid actually.

OK enough of that, I promised to tell you what Quilt Boy has been up to. Remember his vision of my putting Applique’ into my Georgia Hoe Down pattern? WELL now he has actually come up with a design of his own….AND HE DREW A PICTURE OF IT ON PAPER. In 37 years of marriage he has never so much at drawn a heart on a piece of paper. I have NEVER SEEN any evidence of any creative abilities. He is a financial person..he is brilliant…he even KNOWS how much money is in his checkbook!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT??? So now he is drawing quilt designs out for me to execute. I’ve ruined him for sure now. I’m so scared. What if I have to take over the family finances? This would spell disaster within one 30 day billing cycle. It simply won’t do! We all have our roles in life, I can’t adjust to anymore drastic changes (especially if I have to do it organically and without caffeine!!!)

The funny thing is…his design is quite good! I really intend to play with this design and make it. This scares the beegeebers out of me. AND HE CLAIMS TO HAVE MORE DESIGNS stored in his brain. I don’t know maybe the world is coming to an end. He asked me over our morning coffee when I was going to make his design. I choked on my organic cantaloupe.