Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.

-Russell H. Conwell

I’m packing and getting ready to go to the Knoxville Quilt Show. Looking forward to the trip with friends. This show was moved from Nashville to Knoxville due to a scheduling conflict with the Opry Hotel in Nashville. I’m signing up for some classes and a lecture which I am really anxious to take. I love to visit the quilts on exhibit and do some walking around on the floor. This trip is more about the classes for me. I will take my lap top and try to do some bloggin’ while on the trip. Another adventure is in the works. I’ll try to get into as much fun as possible OK. Eating out will be involved I’m sure.

Yesterday was guild day. Our speaker was Regina Carter who is a magnificent long arm quilter and her trunk show was some kind of eye candy for sure. She free motion quilts with unbelievable skill and talent. I wish these photos did justice to her artistry at the machine. The fact that she does her custom work with out a stitch regulator and strictly out of her head blows my mind. She puts the quilt on the machine and walks by it and develops ideas for quilting the piece… She said that she draws and doodles constantly and often she takes a picture of the quilt while on the machine and draws on the quilt photo what she wants to quilt. It reminds me of putting my quilts on my design wall. I have to look and look at a new design before I figure out if I like it or what needs to be changed same process I suppose.

As a side note I told her how good I was a machine quilting. Remember the little charity quilt I blogged about in April. She thinks I have a future in domestic machine quilting. I didn’t tell her about running over the spool of thread.

I absolutely love whole cloth quilts. They definitely make my skirt fly up!And whole cloth with trapunto…well………………..

Sorry that some of these lovely quilts are blurry…they were flying up and down so quickly my camera couldn’t focus fast enough. Or maybe I need a photography course. You decide.

This quilt was so lovely. She cut the rose fabric and numbered it and put it back together, alternating the black fabric and the rose could be seen all put together like between the black bars. Man this girl has WAAAAYYYY to much time on her hands. It was really sumthin!

One of the things Regina said at the end of her talk was that she really works hard at her craft. She was so appreciative to be working at a job she loves so much (man I know how she feels) but she also emphasised how hard she WORKS…(ditto on the I know how she feels) I enjoyed her quilts and her comments as well Thanks Regina for a wonderful morning.

OK off to practice my machine quilting. NO I’m not serious…still quilting with my credit card.

Next post hopefully from KNOXVILLE. They better have WIFI in our hotel. (and a hair dryer)