Within your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go.
-Louise Driscoll

We packed up the sewing and golfing necessities and headed for the mountains of North Georgia. My BIL and SIL did the same and we arrived at our lovely condo at White Path Lodge and settled in. This is the place a have arranged to have my Silver Thimble Sewing Retreat in February. What a place! It is lovely, picturesque, clean, pristine, relaxing and generally PUURFECTTTTOOO!!! Tricia and I took meals and goodies so the plans were to eat in…sewing for us and golf for the guys. General all around relaxing for everybody.

Here is my sewing buddy and SIL…she is so much fun. Precision sewing is her name!!! She knows her way around a seam that is for sure. I taught her how to quilt over the phone. AND I’M NOT KIDDING. She would drive to work every morning in Atlanta rush HOURS traffic and call me, I would walk her verbally through the quilting process. I don’t know how I did it or how she learned it, but she turned out to be one of the best quilters I know….her is smart huh?

The weather didn’t cooperate so well. The guys got to golf everyday but they had to work around the rain a bit. Tricia and I were JUST FINE sewing away. Tricia made this gorgeous quilt which took her longer than she had planned but was well worth the effort. She plans to put borders on it soon. Isn’t it great?? She loves batiks, I love scrappy…this quilt is a wonderful marriage of both.

I finished another wedding quilt (neutral, disappearing nine patch) and a table runner using the Rapid Fire Ruler to make the Hunters Star block. That was sooo much fun!!! The ruler makes the blocks so easy. I’m going to photograph some of the blocks and the step by step process soon. I’ll post about that later. I can’t wait to show my Silver Thimble Club how to make these blocks. Now I want to make a whole quilt using the ruler and some killer fabbies…WOW.

I worked on a quilt made from the pattern called “Jelly Roll Diamonds” by Fig Tree designs. I had some problems with the borders and really needed my design wall so I stopped. My brother in law was so disappointed in me. He said I was a quitter…I’m not a quitter I’m design wall dependent remember I have bionic knees that DO NOT crawl on the floor….I’ll show him!!!

The guys were going to take a dip in the pool and down came the rain…this was the result. The moral of this story is be careful when you invite your sweetie pies to go with you on a sewing retreat. They tend to get in your face and mess in your business. The moral of this story is, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU INVITE TO GO WITH YOU ON YOUR SEWING RETREATS!

This is Quilt Boy…always at work on behalf of the Silver Thimble Quilt Co. Finishing a quilt, drinkin a beer and waiting for his dip in the pool. I love this man so much, I think I’ll marry him again!

And we have here my beloved Brother in Law. He is so diligent with his sewing. Keeping one eye on his accurate 1/4″ seams and the other eye on his BEER. He is so precious I’m going to marry his brother just so I can keep him!

I’m off to get some work done and some food in the house. I’m craving a huge salad for dinner so it is off to the farmers market for me.

I’m so glad to be back in blog land, I’ll be reading a catching up on my bloggin friends tonight.

Have a quilty day!

Oh BTW on this trip I was introduced to Klondike Bars….big mistake..HUGE.


Puttering is really a time to be alone, to dream and to get in touch with yourself….To putter is to discover.
-Alexandra Stoddard

Do you putter? Boy I sure do. I even set aside a whole day now and then to putter. Today is a putter day, well at least most of the day will be. I have to teach a class tonight at Sweet Home so I won’t be able to putter into the evening. Here is my putter list for today…well it’s not really a list.

I have been polishing silver this morning…OH MY... I don’t know why I decided to start this project but I did!! My mother would be so proud of me for taking care of the family silver (or at least the silver that didn’t get buried in the back yard when the Yankees came to visit during the civil war..secretly I wish it was all buried in the backyard they should never have unearthed the stuff… It is a dang responsibility)

I puttered around my flower pots and watered them somethin good. Those plants were so happy to see me, I know they were afraid for their lives, I tend to get neglectful around this time during the summer months. So sorry to all the gardeners reading this…

Striped the bed and tonight is clean sheets night…don’t cha love clean sheet night??

Put the binding on a Wedding quilt that I will present to a sweet bride next weekend. I made a disappearing nine patch from all neutral fabbies… I think these quilts go with any decor. It is hard to decide what to do when you don’t know the precipitants tastes…well who knows when it comes to brides, they need time to figure out what their tastes are right? (like 30 years to figure it out)

I am packing because I will be going out of town with my sweetie for 3.5 days. We are going to the mountains with my BIL and SIL. The guys are going to play golf and Tricia and I are going to sew and swim and relax by the pool. (well I will be in the sun for 3 minutes..tops!) I’m so excited to have a get a way weekend…CHILLIN AND SEWING AND READING…don’t worry about me okay.

Sophie is getting a bath today. (She hates it when I putter)

Dusting…that’s good on putter days. Why is it that when we go out of town we feel the need to clean prior to departure? I think it is either we want to come home to a pristine home…or most probably we are afraid someone will come into the house and find a mess. Fear of dust police ratting us out. Fear is a powerful thing.

I packed up my sewing projects for the trip…I’ll never get all this done..maybe I’ll go repack. Yes that is it, then I will putter in my sewing room for a while.

Making some food to take with us to the mountains. I think I’ll bake some cookies! Tricia and I are splitting the meals…No restaurants for us, just relaxing by the pool and sewing (when the sun goes down anyway). As Suzanne once said...”I want to sleep until I awake up….” hahaha now that is RELAXING!!!

I’ll take pictures of my trip, don’t know if I will be able to blog yet but I will go prepared with lap top and camera in tow. See I’m always thinking about my blogging buddies, pure dedication right?

Putter days should also be called ADD days, jumping from one putter project to another. One thing leads to another. I really accomplish more when I make a daily list of things that I want to get done (and I really do make a lists almost everyday!) …but as for today I SHALL PUTTER!


Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.
-Mary Lou Cook

I know I talk about my Silver Thimble group a lot…if you want to see what a typical weekend with the Silver Thimble ladies is like…take a look at these photos. Friends, Birthdays…and spectacular sewing. I can’t get enough of it. I’ll shut up and let you enjoy the show!

Tricia and her “new” friend! Welcome Beth!

Last but certainly not least..Melisa’s birthday..she has been celebrating for a whole year!!!!


I don’t believe makeup and the right hairstyle alone can make a woman beautiful. The most radiant woman in the room is the one full of life and experience.
-Sharon Stone

I’m rushing out the door…IT IS TIME FOR OUR SILVER THIMBLE CLUB MEETING. Oh boy. Some of the group will be doing this months project made with Glace’ fabric line from Moda. I’ll take pictures and post them this weekend. We are making the quilt Jelly Roll diamonds from Fig Tree Quilts. A lovely lovely quilt!

I made a disappearing nine patch quilt from neutral fabrics so I spent the last day or so slicing and dicing 9 patches. I think neutral quilts are great for brides…maybe “safe” would be a better description. This will be another wedding quilt. These quilts are fun and fast to make , they make me happy. Hopefully they will make the bride and groom happy. Again I will have a finished quilt to show you after today.. (yes, I packed my camera!!)

While I was in the studio I snapped this picture of my new favorite thingy! Does your ironing cord get on your last nerve?? Have you ever drug the cord over newly ironed fabbies or quilts and wrinkled what you just ironed??? Have you bought a cordless iron only to find out most of them don’t get hot enough to melt a piece of velveeta much less a piece of fabric?? Well kids here it is…the CORDMINDER I love it. I just got it and next to my Bernina and design wall it is my favorite thingy..well maybe I’m embellishing this just a bit…. This falls in the category of DUH I could have had a V-8..why didn’t I think of that! Getcha one they will make your ironing life a breeze!

Gotta go..I’m picking up donuts for the gang this morning. Might has well get this thing kicked off right. Right???


I have done every craft, stain glass, crochet, macrame’, cross stitch! My husband asked me “What makes QUILTING different?” I said, “This time I’m doing it with FRIENDS!”
-Chris J. spoken yesterday at Gwinnett Quilters Guild Meeting.

Well doesn’t that just say it all??? From guilds, to small sewing groups, to the fabulous connections through the internet….Quilting brings us together doesn’t it??? Oh by the way the quote may not be word for word perfect but it sure stuck in my brain…If you are reading this blog Chris..WELL SAID GIRLFRIEND!!!!

I’m going to finish a wedding quilt today. I love to give neutral quilts as wedding gifts for the little brides and grooms. I have 3 weddings this fall! OH MY! One is done and being quilted and the other two are going to be finished by next weekend. CHECK (that was me checking another project off my list..and yes I’m a list maker!!). I’m pretty sure non of these brides are reading my blog (not the cool young hip thing I guess), so I will post photos ASAP.

I have done my morning chores, early dinner prep, watered the plants (I’m so sick of stinkin hot weather), read some great blogs on my reader (inspiration no doubt) and now it is off to the studio to sew and work on a new design (my brain is about to bust with a new idea!). Oh by the way I have purged the sewing room from all Cheetos…I’m taking carrots up there today..I simply MUST get a grip!!!!

I did manage to take my camera to guild and snap some photos of show and tell! See I do have a functioning brain (sometimes). I’m always amazed at some of the quilts and project this group manages to crank out. Dang I love quilters, Dang I wish I could sew with every quilter in the universe..well I guess I am through this blog right?

I don’t understand why my pictures are blurry. I’m confident that it is due to my excellent photography skills. Somebody help me! I deleted some great photos I made for you because I didn’t want you to get queezie! Also, I did not include the names of each quilt maker because I could not remember EVERY ONE. I hope I’m not stepping on the toes of any copyright Gods here..if I am I will trust that you all will send Cheetos to me while I’m in prison.

I must comment here…The quilt below was made by Debbie. The quilt is GINORMOUS!!! I MEAN BIG PEOPLE . It could be a tent for Omar the tent maker! Debbie made 6 of these babies for breast cancer events around the country. Each one is a signature quilt that will be hung and participants can sign a block. Can you believe she made six!!! It is like 106″ x 106″. sumthin like that..

Debbie won the presidents award at guild yesterday..I’m not surprised it is so well deserved. I’m proud she is my friend. CONGRATULATIONS DEB!!!

I think I’ll sign up for a photography class.

Ansel Adams


As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the results of your thoughts, but you can endure and learn, can accept and be glad. You will realize the vision (not the idle wish) of your heart, be it base or beautiful, or a mixture of both, for you will always gravitate towards that which, you secretly, most love. In your hands will be placed the exact results of your thoughts; you will receive that which you earn; no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fall, remain, or rise with your thoughts, your wisdom your ideal. You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.
-James Allen
From Mary E. Chahill to my grandmother in Plant City Florida 4-16-46

Have this old cookbook which was given to me after my paternal Grandmothers death it is copyright dated 1937. The cookbook is encased in a tin cover. Inside the cookbook are tabbed recipes, additionally my Grandmother hand wrote and added other recipes and pasted clippings from the Tampa Tribune on the backs of pages. What I also found in the cookbook (I have had it for several years and had not pulled it out in a long time) was the above quote on a note card. I enjoyed reading it so much I thought I would share it today. I hope you enjoy it as well. (I know it is long but….)

I have been so so so busy the last few days, not a minute to get off a blog post. Not a minute to myself…I miss writing my blog and I miss reading all the blogs on my READER…Why do we get so busy? I thought that when the kids were grown we would slow down and be lazy. Not ME I think I’m busier than when I had babies in the house!!! and I don’t even have grandchildren yet!!!!

I will leave you with this short post since my quote today is soooo long. I’m off to quilt guild and you will be happy to know I’m sporting my CAMERA…yes I will be a good little blogger and take photos. I PROMISE!! PINKY SWEAR!!


The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.
-Sioux Indian (unknown)

I had it ALL…I HAD A BALL….I had the funnest fun anyone could have….I didn’t want it to be over…I was so sad to leave…THANKS FOR A GREAT DAY ALLATOONA QUILT GUILD!!!!!

Quilt boy and I loaded up the car (well he mostly loaded, I mostly packed which is the way of the world of men and women RIGHT?). Off we went at OOOH early in the morning Atlanta traffic! I loved it we had our travel coffee mugs, 50 or so quilts and each other to chat with…oh happy day! We were welcomed warmly, after which we set up for my quilt talk. This group was fun, interactive and just fabulous to say the least. It was fabulous. Quilt Boy was chattin it up with all the ladies. He takes his job and responsibilities very serious. (the paid ain’t so great but there ARE benefits…) (blushing)

We were invited to stay for lunch….OH MY these chicks know their way around the kitchen for sure. Just about the time I thought there couldn’t be any more food I turned around and saw deserts as far as the eye can see,well, it was a long counter anyway! When we left I told them I thought Jenny Craig was in the parking lot takin names!!

Melinda, the high exhaulted presidente’ of the guild is a fellow blogger. Go check out her blog. She can crank out some beautiful quilts and killer long arm machine quilting. She and I were talking about show and tell and we both commented that neither one of us had a dang camera. “What kind of bloggers are we???” Ok. in all seriouslyness I’m going to have my camera surgically implanted to my side, I’ll just add it the the hip area what is a few more inches?? I promise I will do better with the photo thing. I’m waiting for the guild historian/photo chick/ person to post some photos on the internet so I can show you some of the guild goodies. WHAT A SHOW AND TELL! WOW.

To make a short story long I really must continue to say how much I enjoy going and visiting all these guilds. They inspire me, challenge me, humble me and convince me that I have found another passion in my life. I wish I could visit every guild in the land. They are all wonderful and have special differences. Kinda like flowers, every petal is beautiful AND different. OK I’m getting really sappy here aren’t I?

I went to the doctor this morning and ran to Barnes and Noble I GOT IT….I GOT THE LAST DANG ONE …I ALMOST DIDN’T SEE IT. I brought it home and put it right beside my bed. I’m not going to open the magazine until tonight…it’s my treat to myself. I will be so happy tonight when I can relax and read the newest issue of “Where Women Create.”

Did I mention I paid like $16.00 for this dang magazine. It better be good!

Later my peeps (and with better photos too!) I’m off to sew….where I create…chance are reeely good that there are no magazine photographers up there!


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..
I’m talking about sewing.

My own private little stitch in was wonderful. With Cheetos, Twizzlers and bottles of water in hand I headed up to the sewing room to sew my brains out. Our story begins here.

Day One Wednesday: Accomplished a lot toward a quilt I have needed to finish for a couple of weeks. Listened to music a la iPod….ate Cheetos…. I’ll finish it tomorrow… Great day, I love to quilt.

Day Two Thursday: Got all the blocks finished and put half the quilt on the design wall…WOW I really like this quilt…I mean this quilt was fun to make…MAKES ME SEW HAPPY. Switched to Twizzlers and listened to half of a book a la iPod. Had to stop early because I was having dinner with Bad Melisa and teaching a fun class at her shop. Beginners….I just LOVE those baby quilters they are so cute with their scary rotary cutters and brand new supplies. They remind me of kids on the first day of school. Back to finish my quilt tomorrow. I have the best life.

Day Three Friday: The quilt has 90 blocks so I planned to put it together in two sections. Stacked the first section. When together like a dream..I love this quilt…I would marry it if I could. Decided to switch to another project that is also looming and needed to get done. All this this is secret junk. You know the drill. I will show and tell later. Finished the Cheetos, thankful…I need to give these things up. . The whites of my eyes are orange.Finished the ipod book. Quilt boy is coming home tonight so I’m stopping the sewing early. I’ll finish that quilt tomorrow. Great day accomplished a lot.

Day Three Saturday: Quilt boy playing golf …I’ll go finish the quilt, make the backing and binding then it will be ready to be longarm quilted. Stacking part two on the design wall. Something is WRONG. Well I won’t bore you with the details here or with the sweating and fussin and huffin and puffin that went on in my happy studio. Lets just say it was the worst day I have EVER AND I MEAN EVER had in my sewing room…..I figured out what the problem was and what I needed to do (that process took about an hour) Then I proceed to UN SEW…RIP OUT…TAKE APART….45 blocks. I don’t know what possessed me but at the time I thought I can do this just as fast as it would take me to start all over and make new blocks. FRIENDS I’m telling you if you ever get in a mess like this…WALK AWAY..NO RUN AWAY...I considered having a burning of the sewing room the likes of which has not been seen since SHERMAN paid his delightful visit to Atlanta. I would have but I’m sure they would not let me sew in prison.
It took me 12 hours to take the units apart clean them up and put the blocks back together. Quilt Boy came home and I told him to order a pizza I wasn’t coming down…..I ate the rest of the Twizzlers because you can eat them with no hands while you are sewing and ripping out… I HATE QUILTING….

DAY FOUR SUNDAY: We went to visit Miss “I turned 21″ this week and celebrate her birthday. We had a delightful lunch with MIZ 21 years old and boyfriend (3.5 hours there….3.5 hours back, we do love our children so much don’t we?). Got home around 6…I’m going to go finish the *$%^&*(%^&*%^ quilt. Finished the quilt around 8:30…I’m so happy…I LOVE TO QUILT!

Like I said BEST OF TIMES, WORST OF TIMES…. sorry no photos, no blogging went on during my private sewing party, perhaps that was the root of the problem. What do you think??


It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a home-grown tomato
-Lewis Grizzard

Well, Tuesday has arrived and my youngest DD is now 21. She was born 8-4-88 @ 8:48 get it? We called her this morning as we always do at 8:48 am. She said she was getting ready to take a shower and waited because she knew we would call at 8:48. This just shows you how predictable we are (note to self,… be LESS predictable…) Happy Birthday Sweetie waving to you from my blog. We will celebrate with you when we come to see you on Saturday. (Parents are not allowed to interupt RUSH preparation week…sheeesh)

I had a quilt guild board meeting this morning and my small group came at 11 for sewing, fellowship, and fun. Home-grown tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, Spaghetti pie, Garlic yeast rolls, Sweet tea and Molton chocolate cake with Vanilla Haggen daz ice cream was the menu for today. ZIPPITY DOO DAH IT WAS DELISH IF I DOOO SAY SO MYSELF. We sewed and laughed and caught up on all the latest stuff…a wonderful day to say the least. And I’m still stuffed so I’m skippin dinner, Quilt Boy is enjoying the leftovers!

I wanted to show you all the coolest thing. My Sister in Law made me this awesome quilt/wall hanging. Are you not JEALOUS???…can you believe she loves me soooo much she made me this wonderful wall hanging? I mean don’t you love it???? I love it...it makes my skirt fly up! It is so wonderful I will be hand quilting it. Only very special quilts get that kind of attention!

After I stopped screaming and doing the happy dance I said to her. “Dang Girl you made me a Lemoyne Star quilt with Y seams in it…I mean nobody gives quilts away with Y seams in them…they keep the little suckers for themselves. I know for sure how much you love me now !!!!..” Her reply was.. “No #$%^&#$%^&*^$ I paper pieced the stars.” Well,” I said ” People tend to keep the paper pieced stuff to themselves as well… ” I still think she loves me..I’m going with that! Let’s hear it for Tricia the best SIL on the planet!!!!

Quilt Boy is going out of town so that means I will be making peanut butter and jelly sammies gathering my cheetos, and heading up to the sewing room for hours and hours of sewing. Putting the garage door down and hiding for two days…No cooking. I’m only coming out to have dinner with Bad Melissa Thursday night. Until then you know where I’ll be. SEWING with no make up on…the worst/most comfortable clothing on the planet (think lack of support ya knowwhat I mean?) Books on tape and music…don’t call me okay? I’ll blog cuz I will miss you.

I’m going to read blogs for about 10 zillion hours right now. I can’t keep up!!! This blog reading is a dang FULL TIME JOB.. and I love it.