I don’t believe makeup and the right hairstyle alone can make a woman beautiful. The most radiant woman in the room is the one full of life and experience.
-Sharon Stone

I’m rushing out the door…IT IS TIME FOR OUR SILVER THIMBLE CLUB MEETING. Oh boy. Some of the group will be doing this months project made with Glace’ fabric line from Moda. I’ll take pictures and post them this weekend. We are making the quilt Jelly Roll diamonds from Fig Tree Quilts. A lovely lovely quilt!

I made a disappearing nine patch quilt from neutral fabrics so I spent the last day or so slicing and dicing 9 patches. I think neutral quilts are great for brides…maybe “safe” would be a better description. This will be another wedding quilt. These quilts are fun and fast to make , they make me happy. Hopefully they will make the bride and groom happy. Again I will have a finished quilt to show you after today.. (yes, I packed my camera!!)

While I was in the studio I snapped this picture of my new favorite thingy! Does your ironing cord get on your last nerve?? Have you ever drug the cord over newly ironed fabbies or quilts and wrinkled what you just ironed??? Have you bought a cordless iron only to find out most of them don’t get hot enough to melt a piece of velveeta much less a piece of fabric?? Well kids here it is…the CORDMINDER I love it. I just got it and next to my Bernina and design wall it is my favorite thingy..well maybe I’m embellishing this just a bit…. This falls in the category of DUH I could have had a V-8..why didn’t I think of that! Getcha one they will make your ironing life a breeze!

Gotta go..I’m picking up donuts for the gang this morning. Might has well get this thing kicked off right. Right???