I have done every craft, stain glass, crochet, macrame’, cross stitch! My husband asked me “What makes QUILTING different?” I said, “This time I’m doing it with FRIENDS!”
-Chris J. spoken yesterday at Gwinnett Quilters Guild Meeting.

Well doesn’t that just say it all??? From guilds, to small sewing groups, to the fabulous connections through the internet….Quilting brings us together doesn’t it??? Oh by the way the quote may not be word for word perfect but it sure stuck in my brain…If you are reading this blog Chris..WELL SAID GIRLFRIEND!!!!

I’m going to finish a wedding quilt today. I love to give neutral quilts as wedding gifts for the little brides and grooms. I have 3 weddings this fall! OH MY! One is done and being quilted and the other two are going to be finished by next weekend. CHECK (that was me checking another project off my list..and yes I’m a list maker!!). I’m pretty sure non of these brides are reading my blog (not the cool young hip thing I guess), so I will post photos ASAP.

I have done my morning chores, early dinner prep, watered the plants (I’m so sick of stinkin hot weather), read some great blogs on my reader (inspiration no doubt) and now it is off to the studio to sew and work on a new design (my brain is about to bust with a new idea!). Oh by the way I have purged the sewing room from all Cheetos…I’m taking carrots up there today..I simply MUST get a grip!!!!

I did manage to take my camera to guild and snap some photos of show and tell! See I do have a functioning brain (sometimes). I’m always amazed at some of the quilts and project this group manages to crank out. Dang I love quilters, Dang I wish I could sew with every quilter in the universe..well I guess I am through this blog right?

I don’t understand why my pictures are blurry. I’m confident that it is due to my excellent photography skills. Somebody help me! I deleted some great photos I made for you because I didn’t want you to get queezie! Also, I did not include the names of each quilt maker because I could not remember EVERY ONE. I hope I’m not stepping on the toes of any copyright Gods here..if I am I will trust that you all will send Cheetos to me while I’m in prison.

I must comment here…The quilt below was made by Debbie. The quilt is GINORMOUS!!! I MEAN BIG PEOPLE . It could be a tent for Omar the tent maker! Debbie made 6 of these babies for breast cancer events around the country. Each one is a signature quilt that will be hung and participants can sign a block. Can you believe she made six!!! It is like 106″ x 106″. sumthin like that..

Debbie won the presidents award at guild yesterday..I’m not surprised it is so well deserved. I’m proud she is my friend. CONGRATULATIONS DEB!!!

I think I’ll sign up for a photography class.

Ansel Adams