As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the results of your thoughts, but you can endure and learn, can accept and be glad. You will realize the vision (not the idle wish) of your heart, be it base or beautiful, or a mixture of both, for you will always gravitate towards that which, you secretly, most love. In your hands will be placed the exact results of your thoughts; you will receive that which you earn; no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fall, remain, or rise with your thoughts, your wisdom your ideal. You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.
-James Allen
From Mary E. Chahill to my grandmother in Plant City Florida 4-16-46

Have this old cookbook which was given to me after my paternal Grandmothers death it is copyright dated 1937. The cookbook is encased in a tin cover. Inside the cookbook are tabbed recipes, additionally my Grandmother hand wrote and added other recipes and pasted clippings from the Tampa Tribune on the backs of pages. What I also found in the cookbook (I have had it for several years and had not pulled it out in a long time) was the above quote on a note card. I enjoyed reading it so much I thought I would share it today. I hope you enjoy it as well. (I know it is long but….)

I have been so so so busy the last few days, not a minute to get off a blog post. Not a minute to myself…I miss writing my blog and I miss reading all the blogs on my READER…Why do we get so busy? I thought that when the kids were grown we would slow down and be lazy. Not ME I think I’m busier than when I had babies in the house!!! and I don’t even have grandchildren yet!!!!

I will leave you with this short post since my quote today is soooo long. I’m off to quilt guild and you will be happy to know I’m sporting my CAMERA…yes I will be a good little blogger and take photos. I PROMISE!! PINKY SWEAR!!