It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..
I’m talking about sewing.

My own private little stitch in was wonderful. With Cheetos, Twizzlers and bottles of water in hand I headed up to the sewing room to sew my brains out. Our story begins here.

Day One Wednesday: Accomplished a lot toward a quilt I have needed to finish for a couple of weeks. Listened to music a la iPod….ate Cheetos…. I’ll finish it tomorrow… Great day, I love to quilt.

Day Two Thursday: Got all the blocks finished and put half the quilt on the design wall…WOW I really like this quilt…I mean this quilt was fun to make…MAKES ME SEW HAPPY. Switched to Twizzlers and listened to half of a book a la iPod. Had to stop early because I was having dinner with Bad Melisa and teaching a fun class at her shop. Beginners….I just LOVE those baby quilters they are so cute with their scary rotary cutters and brand new supplies. They remind me of kids on the first day of school. Back to finish my quilt tomorrow. I have the best life.

Day Three Friday: The quilt has 90 blocks so I planned to put it together in two sections. Stacked the first section. When together like a dream..I love this quilt…I would marry it if I could. Decided to switch to another project that is also looming and needed to get done. All this this is secret junk. You know the drill. I will show and tell later. Finished the Cheetos, thankful…I need to give these things up. . The whites of my eyes are orange.Finished the ipod book. Quilt boy is coming home tonight so I’m stopping the sewing early. I’ll finish that quilt tomorrow. Great day accomplished a lot.

Day Three Saturday: Quilt boy playing golf …I’ll go finish the quilt, make the backing and binding then it will be ready to be longarm quilted. Stacking part two on the design wall. Something is WRONG. Well I won’t bore you with the details here or with the sweating and fussin and huffin and puffin that went on in my happy studio. Lets just say it was the worst day I have EVER AND I MEAN EVER had in my sewing room…..I figured out what the problem was and what I needed to do (that process took about an hour) Then I proceed to UN SEW…RIP OUT…TAKE APART….45 blocks. I don’t know what possessed me but at the time I thought I can do this just as fast as it would take me to start all over and make new blocks. FRIENDS I’m telling you if you ever get in a mess like this…WALK AWAY..NO RUN AWAY...I considered having a burning of the sewing room the likes of which has not been seen since SHERMAN paid his delightful visit to Atlanta. I would have but I’m sure they would not let me sew in prison.
It took me 12 hours to take the units apart clean them up and put the blocks back together. Quilt Boy came home and I told him to order a pizza I wasn’t coming down…..I ate the rest of the Twizzlers because you can eat them with no hands while you are sewing and ripping out… I HATE QUILTING….

DAY FOUR SUNDAY: We went to visit Miss “I turned 21” this week and celebrate her birthday. We had a delightful lunch with MIZ 21 years old and boyfriend (3.5 hours there….3.5 hours back, we do love our children so much don’t we?). Got home around 6…I’m going to go finish the *$%^&*(%^&*%^ quilt. Finished the quilt around 8:30…I’m so happy…I LOVE TO QUILT!

Like I said BEST OF TIMES, WORST OF TIMES…. sorry no photos, no blogging went on during my private sewing party, perhaps that was the root of the problem. What do you think??