It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a home-grown tomato
-Lewis Grizzard

Well, Tuesday has arrived and my youngest DD is now 21. She was born 8-4-88 @ 8:48 get it? We called her this morning as we always do at 8:48 am. She said she was getting ready to take a shower and waited because she knew we would call at 8:48. This just shows you how predictable we are (note to self,… be LESS predictable…) Happy Birthday Sweetie waving to you from my blog. We will celebrate with you when we come to see you on Saturday. (Parents are not allowed to interupt RUSH preparation week…sheeesh)

I had a quilt guild board meeting this morning and my small group came at 11 for sewing, fellowship, and fun. Home-grown tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, Spaghetti pie, Garlic yeast rolls, Sweet tea and Molton chocolate cake with Vanilla Haggen daz ice cream was the menu for today. ZIPPITY DOO DAH IT WAS DELISH IF I DOOO SAY SO MYSELF. We sewed and laughed and caught up on all the latest stuff…a wonderful day to say the least. And I’m still stuffed so I’m skippin dinner, Quilt Boy is enjoying the leftovers!

I wanted to show you all the coolest thing. My Sister in Law made me this awesome quilt/wall hanging. Are you not JEALOUS???…can you believe she loves me soooo much she made me this wonderful wall hanging? I mean don’t you love it???? I love makes my skirt fly up! It is so wonderful I will be hand quilting it. Only very special quilts get that kind of attention!

After I stopped screaming and doing the happy dance I said to her. “Dang Girl you made me a Lemoyne Star quilt with Y seams in it…I mean nobody gives quilts away with Y seams in them…they keep the little suckers for themselves. I know for sure how much you love me now !!!!..” Her reply was.. “No #$%^&#$%^&*^$ I paper pieced the stars.” Well,” I said ” People tend to keep the paper pieced stuff to themselves as well… ” I still think she loves me..I’m going with that! Let’s hear it for Tricia the best SIL on the planet!!!!

Quilt Boy is going out of town so that means I will be making peanut butter and jelly sammies gathering my cheetos, and heading up to the sewing room for hours and hours of sewing. Putting the garage door down and hiding for two days…No cooking. I’m only coming out to have dinner with Bad Melissa Thursday night. Until then you know where I’ll be. SEWING with no make up on…the worst/most comfortable clothing on the planet (think lack of support ya knowwhat I mean?) Books on tape and music…don’t call me okay? I’ll blog cuz I will miss you.

I’m going to read blogs for about 10 zillion hours right now. I can’t keep up!!! This blog reading is a dang FULL TIME JOB.. and I love it.