The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.
-Sioux Indian (unknown)

I had it ALL…I HAD A BALL….I had the funnest fun anyone could have….I didn’t want it to be over…I was so sad to leave…THANKS FOR A GREAT DAY ALLATOONA QUILT GUILD!!!!!

Quilt boy and I loaded up the car (well he mostly loaded, I mostly packed which is the way of the world of men and women RIGHT?). Off we went at OOOH early in the morning Atlanta traffic! I loved it we had our travel coffee mugs, 50 or so quilts and each other to chat with…oh happy day! We were welcomed warmly, after which we set up for my quilt talk. This group was fun, interactive and just fabulous to say the least. It was fabulous. Quilt Boy was chattin it up with all the ladies. He takes his job and responsibilities very serious. (the paid ain’t so great but there ARE benefits…) (blushing)

We were invited to stay for lunch….OH MY these chicks know their way around the kitchen for sure. Just about the time I thought there couldn’t be any more food I turned around and saw deserts as far as the eye can see,well, it was a long counter anyway! When we left I told them I thought Jenny Craig was in the parking lot takin names!!

Melinda, the high exhaulted presidente’ of the guild is a fellow blogger. Go check out her blog. She can crank out some beautiful quilts and killer long arm machine quilting. She and I were talking about show and tell and we both commented that neither one of us had a dang camera. “What kind of bloggers are we???” Ok. in all seriouslyness I’m going to have my camera surgically implanted to my side, I’ll just add it the the hip area what is a few more inches?? I promise I will do better with the photo thing. I’m waiting for the guild historian/photo chick/ person to post some photos on the internet so I can show you some of the guild goodies. WHAT A SHOW AND TELL! WOW.

To make a short story long I really must continue to say how much I enjoy going and visiting all these guilds. They inspire me, challenge me, humble me and convince me that I have found another passion in my life. I wish I could visit every guild in the land. They are all wonderful and have special differences. Kinda like flowers, every petal is beautiful AND different. OK I’m getting really sappy here aren’t I?

I went to the doctor this morning and ran to Barnes and Noble I GOT IT….I GOT THE LAST DANG ONE …I ALMOST DIDN’T SEE IT. I brought it home and put it right beside my bed. I’m not going to open the magazine until tonight…it’s my treat to myself. I will be so happy tonight when I can relax and read the newest issue of “Where Women Create.”

Did I mention I paid like $16.00 for this dang magazine. It better be good!

Later my peeps (and with better photos too!) I’m off to sew….where I create…chance are reeely good that there are no magazine photographers up there!