Puttering is really a time to be alone, to dream and to get in touch with yourself….To putter is to discover.
-Alexandra Stoddard

Do you putter? Boy I sure do. I even set aside a whole day now and then to putter. Today is a putter day, well at least most of the day will be. I have to teach a class tonight at Sweet Home so I won’t be able to putter into the evening. Here is my putter list for today…well it’s not really a list.

I have been polishing silver this morning…OH MY... I don’t know why I decided to start this project but I did!! My mother would be so proud of me for taking care of the family silver (or at least the silver that didn’t get buried in the back yard when the Yankees came to visit during the civil war..secretly I wish it was all buried in the backyard they should never have unearthed the stuff… It is a dang responsibility)

I puttered around my flower pots and watered them somethin good. Those plants were so happy to see me, I know they were afraid for their lives, I tend to get neglectful around this time during the summer months. So sorry to all the gardeners reading this…

Striped the bed and tonight is clean sheets night…don’t cha love clean sheet night??

Put the binding on a Wedding quilt that I will present to a sweet bride next weekend. I made a disappearing nine patch from all neutral fabbies… I think these quilts go with any decor. It is hard to decide what to do when you don’t know the precipitants tastes…well who knows when it comes to brides, they need time to figure out what their tastes are right? (like 30 years to figure it out)

I am packing because I will be going out of town with my sweetie for 3.5 days. We are going to the mountains with my BIL and SIL. The guys are going to play golf and Tricia and I are going to sew and swim and relax by the pool. (well I will be in the sun for 3 minutes..tops!) I’m so excited to have a get a way weekend…CHILLIN AND SEWING AND READING…don’t worry about me okay.

Sophie is getting a bath today. (She hates it when I putter)

Dusting…that’s good on putter days. Why is it that when we go out of town we feel the need to clean prior to departure? I think it is either we want to come home to a pristine home…or most probably we are afraid someone will come into the house and find a mess. Fear of dust police ratting us out. Fear is a powerful thing.

I packed up my sewing projects for the trip…I’ll never get all this done..maybe I’ll go repack. Yes that is it, then I will putter in my sewing room for a while.

Making some food to take with us to the mountains. I think I’ll bake some cookies! Tricia and I are splitting the meals…No restaurants for us, just relaxing by the pool and sewing (when the sun goes down anyway). As Suzanne once said...”I want to sleep until I awake up….” hahaha now that is RELAXING!!!

I’ll take pictures of my trip, don’t know if I will be able to blog yet but I will go prepared with lap top and camera in tow. See I’m always thinking about my blogging buddies, pure dedication right?

Putter days should also be called ADD days, jumping from one putter project to another. One thing leads to another. I really accomplish more when I make a daily list of things that I want to get done (and I really do make a lists almost everyday!) …but as for today I SHALL PUTTER!