Within your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go.
-Louise Driscoll

We packed up the sewing and golfing necessities and headed for the mountains of North Georgia. My BIL and SIL did the same and we arrived at our lovely condo at White Path Lodge and settled in. This is the place a have arranged to have my Silver Thimble Sewing Retreat in February. What a place! It is lovely, picturesque, clean, pristine, relaxing and generally PUURFECTTTTOOO!!! Tricia and I took meals and goodies so the plans were to eat in…sewing for us and golf for the guys. General all around relaxing for everybody.

Here is my sewing buddy and SIL…she is so much fun. Precision sewing is her name!!! She knows her way around a seam that is for sure. I taught her how to quilt over the phone. AND I’M NOT KIDDING. She would drive to work every morning in Atlanta rush HOURS traffic and call me, I would walk her verbally through the quilting process. I don’t know how I did it or how she learned it, but she turned out to be one of the best quilters I know….her is smart huh?

The weather didn’t cooperate so well. The guys got to golf everyday but they had to work around the rain a bit. Tricia and I were JUST FINE sewing away. Tricia made this gorgeous quilt which took her longer than she had planned but was well worth the effort. She plans to put borders on it soon. Isn’t it great?? She loves batiks, I love scrappy…this quilt is a wonderful marriage of both.

I finished another wedding quilt (neutral, disappearing nine patch) and a table runner using the Rapid Fire Ruler to make the Hunters Star block. That was sooo much fun!!! The ruler makes the blocks so easy. I’m going to photograph some of the blocks and the step by step process soon. I’ll post about that later. I can’t wait to show my Silver Thimble Club how to make these blocks. Now I want to make a whole quilt using the ruler and some killer fabbies…WOW.

I worked on a quilt made from the pattern called “Jelly Roll Diamonds” by Fig Tree designs. I had some problems with the borders and really needed my design wall so I stopped. My brother in law was so disappointed in me. He said I was a quitter…I’m not a quitter I’m design wall dependent remember I have bionic knees that DO NOT crawl on the floor….I’ll show him!!!

The guys were going to take a dip in the pool and down came the rain…this was the result. The moral of this story is be careful when you invite your sweetie pies to go with you on a sewing retreat. They tend to get in your face and mess in your business. The moral of this story is, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU INVITE TO GO WITH YOU ON YOUR SEWING RETREATS!

This is Quilt Boy…always at work on behalf of the Silver Thimble Quilt Co. Finishing a quilt, drinkin a beer and waiting for his dip in the pool. I love this man so much, I think I’ll marry him again!

And we have here my beloved Brother in Law. He is so diligent with his sewing. Keeping one eye on his accurate 1/4″ seams and the other eye on his BEER. He is so precious I’m going to marry his brother just so I can keep him!

I’m off to get some work done and some food in the house. I’m craving a huge salad for dinner so it is off to the farmers market for me.

I’m so glad to be back in blog land, I’ll be reading a catching up on my bloggin friends tonight.

Have a quilty day!

Oh BTW on this trip I was introduced to Klondike Bars….big mistake..HUGE.