Did YOU notice that? Can YOU believe that? Wow I can’t imagine how long that took. Somebody has way too much time on their hands! If I don’t get home and sew something today I’m going to go crazy. This show is amazing. I LOVE THIS ONE.... Look at the color…Do you ever want to do trapunto???? NO! This is sooo creative…OK the whole thing
needle turned?? I have that pattern. Somewhere! She is so talented. WOW free motion long armed….the girl knows her way around the machine for sure… East Cobb Guild puts on the best show and this one tops all the others….

-Debbie and Pat – 9-18-09

First let me say that we had the best day ever. Debbie and I were at the show for 3 hours and 2 hours and 30 min were spent looking at the quilts. We walked the floor very slowly and enjoyed every quilt. It was so much fun seeing the quilts and running into so MANY friends. Debbie and I had comments and oohs and ahhs a-plenty! It is amazing how many wonderful quilts are on exhibit. It is also amazing what a quality show this local guild puts together every two years. They are to be commended. I took 223 photos..no kidding. I know that everyone that entered a quilt signed a waiver to permit photography, I’m hoping it is ok to post these. I asked a couple of East Cobb member friends and they did not seem to think it would be a problem. I don’t know all the names associated with each quilt so please forgive me. I am going to post a some today and a bunch on my Silent Sunday blog edition…

I included some fun photos of the vendors and booths and friends spending the $$$$$ economic stimulus…we quilters do our part for sure. I also have added a few thoughts…enjoy.

We begin with the Best in Show….well duh…

I pledge allegiance to this BYRD!

This is a larger version of the Glory Bound Quilt we made in our Silver Thimble Club. I’m going to make it out of some new Minick and Simpson fabbies. Wiscasset.

America..America dah dee dah dah dah dah …My shoes blew off my feet over this quilt. I swear I may never recover.

I think this quilt sparkles when the lights are out.

Perfection! More about this one lata.

I’m exhausted …there are so many…where is my thesaurus..I need more adjectives.

And look who we have here…it is Bad Melisa! You could not get into her booth. She was waiting on the peeps who were everywhere..

Subtle and lovely. And a ribbon winner too.

I adored these funky baskets.

And I have made a Baltimore Album POT HOLDER. I am not worthy to cast my eyes upon this quilt.

I tried to put this one in my new tote bag.

Can you imagine… this one took some time too!

And look who I found spendin dah cash…Suzanne

Lookie a little shrine to the Silver Thimble Quilt Co. at the Little Quilts Booth. I love me some Little Quilts! Is there a reason my patterns are in a spitoon? or is that a pottie bucket?

Another WIINER!

Photo from the cat walk where the vendors were..looking down on part of Quilt Town!

And there is the queen of Little Quilts herself ringing up the goodies. The people were grabing stuff like crazy. ME thinks they think it is the end of all quilting as we know it.

I promise to post many many more photos and I’ll shut up with the comments…Check with me on Sunday. It will probably take 72 hours to down load all the pictures. I will also link to others who are blogging about the show but right now… I’m doing a lecture and workshop tomorrow so I have to go paint some fingernails and go nite nite..Quilt Boy has packed the car and we are off at 7 a.m. (I don’t do 7 a.m. easily anymore but I can’t wait to go visit the Lavender Mountain Guild.. guild talks and workshops…one of my favorite things to do remember.) Yes, I packed the camera.

By the way Quilt Boy has received a promotion he is now…MR. QUILT BOY…I’ll splain later.