Dreams are illustrations….from the book your soul is writing about you.
-Marsha Norman

So much has happen in the past week it is almost worth describing in chapters rather than a few words. First and foremost the rain and flooding in Atlanta. It has been on all the news and bloggers in the Atlanta area have described the horrible loss of life and property so well. The thing is…Atlanta is not a city prone to flooding. Yes we have creeks that spill over their banks during heavy rains and that usually makes the local news but THIS…is mind blowing. We have had a couple of dry days but there is heavy rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Keep our city in your prayers.

Last Saturday I had the honor to do a quilt lecture and workshop for the lovely ladies of the Lavender Mountain Guild in Rome Georgia (dang….I wish it had been Rome Italy) We had a ball. They welcomed me with this wonderful sign sitting next to a plate full of Hugs and Kisses….We laughed and worked very hard during the workshop. These ladies were ready to learn and share their knowledge with each other! If you are in Rome Georgia or near there..they have a quilt show with quilts hanging the Library during the month of March. I’m going to try to make a trip to see their quilts in 2010! Thanks so much to the Lavender Ladies for a wonderful day!!

I mentioned on my previous blog that I was joining some sewing buddies in Covington for our semi annual retreat. Four of us delayed the drive (which is about an hour) because of the rain and extreme fatigue.. Sunday night none of us slept because of the thunder and lightening. I thought my house was going to implode it was so severe. I was holding a vibrating dog scared out of her fur. SO… we left on Tuesday morning caravaning down to Covington. Had a great retreat even if it was cut short by one day! I will show you some of the projects I worked on in another blog.

GIVE A WAY TIME.…..as promised I am celebrating my 150th post. Actually I’m trying to get this give a way off the ground before I have my 200th post !!!! Dang the days just fly by so quickly. So here are the ” I LOVE MY BLOG” goodies.

DAH RULZ: Post a comment on my blog and tell me how long you have been quilting. I will draw for the winner on Sunday Night September 27th at 6 pm. If you would like to blog and post about this give a way feel free I will enter your name a second time I love to meet new bloggers. (more flowers in the garden of friends!) If you are not a blogger..just tell me in your post and I will put your name in twice, just cuz I CAN.(and I luvs you).


One Layer Cake of Moda Crazy Eights… aka “pancake” from Mr. Quilt Boy
One 4 pack of different weights of Aurfil thread woopie
One little stitchery from Bareroots designs that says “Sewing”, comes with the goodies to make the project big fun
Three Silver Thimble Patterns, Twinkle Twinkle, Georgia Hoe Down and How Does YOUR Garden Grow. (teehee I love all three of these..)

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET GO GO GOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!