Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one’s own, it is always twenty times better.
-Margaret Oliphant

The tote is finished. I was determined it was going to get done and not end up as YET ANOTHER UFO...So it is done. Now, my thoughts. I think totes/handbags are a very personal thing. I am a one strap, dividers and pockets kinda person. Maybe someone out there will do some analysis on this. I figure that I must like my life and everything associated with it COMPARTMENTALIZED. This tote is a stretch for me. ( lots of pockets were added to the interior). I really do like it and I have tons of friends that have made this little cutie and I have wanted one for the longest time! Here’s hoping it will work for me but as of now we have NOT BONDED. I was just drinking my coffee and admiring at my new creation while watching the Today show… they had a segment on fall fashion in purses and totes. I got so excited I was sure my tote would be featured…..nope, Zip…NADA….not even close….I’m crushed. So lets go with the above quote and see if I can create a relationship with the newest member of the closet gang. Lets hope it doesn’t end up with the pointy heals purchased a few years ago.

Off to pack 60 quilts and my demo materials for a lecture and workshop I am doing this Saturday. Quilt Boy and I are off again on another Silver Thimble adventure. Tomorrow is the East Cobb Quilt Showe the extra batteries are charged and packed. Sunday another bridal shower (finished the binding on that quilt last night). So DD will be in town for the shower as she is the Maid oops Matron of Honor. Busy weekend but I promise I will post photos of the quilt show when I get home tomorrow.

I think I’ll take my tote out for a spin and do some shopping this afternoon. BONDING.

Have a Quilty Day,